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Studying in the US, determined youth, squeezed middles and missing an Ireland that doesn’t exist: this week’s round up of emigration stories from

Wed, Feb 8, 2012, 12:11


Noreen and Peter Watts have a daughter in Australia, and a son on the way to New Zealand withi his family. Photograph: Joe OShaughnessy

City comfortable in its own skin starting to acquire a greenish hue The influx of Irish people to Melbourne may not yet be on a par with that in Sydney, but it is fast catching up. Pádraig Collins, 2 February.

Youth and poor bear brunt of austerity in Portugal Tom Hennigan, 2 February.

I miss an Ireland that does not exist When Vincent Morriessey went to Australia 10 years ago, life was all about freewheeling and having a god time. Now I’m 33 and the call of home is growing stronger. Interview with Ciara Kenny, 3 February.

Western working ways are not the best in Asia anymore Siobhan Hamilton, general manager of Diageo Singapore, interviewed by Joanne Hunt as part of the Wild Geese emigrant business leaders abroad series, 3 February.

Young man who died in car crash was a recently returned emigrant 22-year-old Aaron Duggan from outside Portlaw, Co Waterford had recently returned from Australia. Conor Kane, 3 February.

How one entrepreneurial family has fared Noreen and Peter Watts’s son, who was due to take over the family plumbing business, is moving to New Zealand with his family in search of work. Interviewed as part of the Irish Times series on Ireland’s Squeezed middle by Carl O’Brien, 4 February.

Yet another reason to count down to calamity A nation can only take so much emergency, and we’ve been at this since 2008, writes Ann Marie Hourihane, 6 February.

Emigrants in landscapes of sentiment Jane Urquhart’s latest novel deals with the Irish in Canada and it’s populated with characters inspired by her own family, their fear of change, and their obsession with landscape, writes Arminta Wallace, 6 February.

Lost generation tries to find its way The downturn is squeezing everyone, while the youngest are bearing the brunt of job losses and lowered expectations. But many are determined to carve out a new future. Carl O’Brien, 6 February.

Studying in the US – what you need to know Guide to scholarships, fees and the application process for American universities. Peter Maguire, 7 February.