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Embassies sold off, multinationals recruiting abroad, footloose over-55s and parity of the sexes when it comes to leaving Ireland: this week’s round up of emigration stories from

Wed, Feb 1, 2012, 10:48


CSO's 'Women and Men in Ireland 2011' report showed wide divergences between the sexes in terms of mortality rates, employment, income and education, but similarities when it comes to emigration.

Goodbye Embassy row: two for sale on Ailesbury Returned emigrants are buying property on one of Dublin’s most expensive roads. Edel Morgan, 26 January.

Pain of emigration and immigration “Emigration, coercive economic migration, is a terrible reality across the globe”. Letter to the editor from Fr Bobby Gilmore and Edel McGinley of the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland, 26 January.

President calls for response to ‘intellectual crisis’ in society Seán Flynn, 26 January.

Clare village loses 87 to emigration Population of Kilmhil has been decimated over past two years. Gordon Deegan, 26 January.

Bruton insists initiative on jobs is working Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton told the Dáil that there have been some successes in the past year. Michael O’Regan, 26 January.

Positions vacant – lacking talent Google wants visa restrictions lifted so it can recruit more from abroad. Adam Maguire, 27 January.

Dipping into emigration debate “Minister Noonan did not jump into troubled waters, he was politely pushed.” Letter to the editor from Mark Simpson, BBC Ireland correspondent, 27 January.

‘I want to be part of the recovery’ Finance graduate Tara Cunningham wants to ride out the economic storm in Ireland rather than emigrating. Ciara Kenny, 27 January.

Interior designer feels right at home in Buenos Aires Susan Kennedy, principal of Susan Kennedy Design in Buenos Aires interviewed by Joanne Hunt as part of the Wild Geese: Emigrant business leaders abroad series, 27 January.

Public sector retirement echoes Celtic Tiger madness “Tens of thousands of young people leaving college are being forced to emigrate due to lack of employment prospects, while their parents’ generation is being offered financial sweeteners to retire early on gilt-edged pensions the State simply cannot afford.” Stephen Collins, 28 January.

Emigration – a lifestyle choice? Backlash against Michael Noonan’s comments continues in the letters page, 30 January.

President leads the way President Higgins’ recent speech gives emigrants hope, writes Paul O’Brien in a letter to the editor, 30 January.

A night in the heart of Ennis Has nightlife died in Irish towns? Not if a recent Friday night in Co Clare is anything to go by, writes Rosita Boland, 30 January.

Holiday show eyes footloose over-55s Parents looking to book holidays to visit emigrant children at the Holiday World Show at the RDS. Alison Healy, 30 January.

Man killed in Donegal crash Christopher Kane (19), from Mountcharles was killed when the car he was driving left the road near his home in Co Donegal. He had been due to emigrate to Australia. Paddy Clancy, 31 January.

Higher suicide rates for men Same number of women emigrating now as men for the first time since the recession began, according to the CSO, but men are four times more likely to die from suicide and three times more likely to bekilled in a car accident. Eoin Burke-Kennedy, 31 January.