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Lifestyle choices, avoiding expats, presidential visits and technical shortcomings: this week’s round up of emigration stories from

Wed, Jan 25, 2012, 11:25


Break from the crowd: The Irish make great sports fans abroad, such as this crowd in New Zealand at the rugby World Cup in 2011, but socialising with expats exclusively can be bad for your career prospects. Photograph: Sandra Mu/Getty Images

‘I didn’t have a mortgage, I was single, it was very easy for me to move’ The streets in Singapore are safe to walk day and night and there is little toleration of the kind of drunken scenes we are so accustomed at home, Caroline Bowler told Ciara Kenny, 20 January.

Avoid the expats and learn the lingo Generation Emigration asked emigrants whether they seek out or avoid other Irish expats, and to share their job-hunting tips. Here’s a selection of our readers’ comments. 20 January.

Check out Prague for common sense business Robert Pitt, managing director of Tesco Franchise Stores in Prague, interviewed by Joanne Hunt as part of the Wild Geese

State ignoring tech skills gap at its peril From Irish start-ups to the large multinationals it’s the same story – they can’t find suitably qualified people for tech jobs – and it is leading to emigration right now. Karlin Lillington, 20 January.

Noonan criticised for remarks about emigrants Minister for Finance Michael Noonan described emigration as “a free choice of lifestyle” and said there were young people constantly leaving and returning to Ireland. Harry McGee, 20 January. See our Generation Emigration readers’ comments and join the debate here.

Big Apple bites Gourmet store Dean & Deluca attracts all sorts of customers, from movie stars to native New Yorkers – and two Irish women play a key role in selecting the fare. The happy side of the emigration story, writes Catherine Cleary, 21 January.

A home on Achill Heinrich Böll’s affection for Achill does not prevent him from focusing on poverty, emigration & religion. Heinrich Böll and Ireland By Gisela Holfter, reviewed by John F Deane, 21 January.

The President’s emigrant Interview with Sally Mulready, recently appointed by President Michael D Higgins to the Council of State, by Mark Hennessy, 21 January.

Emigration – a lifestyle choice? Letters to the editor in response to Michael Noonan’s comments, 21 January.

Noonan’s truth What drives emigration is a complex mix of circumstances, the personal, political, economic… To address the challenges, and the real cost it imposes on our society, it is important to understand and debate that complexity. Editorial, 21 January.

Higgins to visit Irish in London President Michael D Higgins, who was an emigrant to Britain during the 1960s, will visit Irish community and cultural groups in London late next month in his first official overseas visit. Mark Hennessy, 21 January.

Apologise for remarks on exiles, Noonan told Paul Cullen and Ronan McGreevy, 21 January.

A day for the ‘lost generation’ “May I suggest that we officially rename one of our many bank holidays – perhaps that in June or in August – as Emigrants’ Day?” Letter to the editor from Conor Wogan, 23 January.

Emigration not a choice for many, says Bishop Many people emigrating from Ireland today have no other option available to them, says the chairman of the Irish Bishops’ Council for Emigrants, Bishop John Kirby. Kitty Holland, 24 January.

Politicians still steering clear of emigration debate Michael Noonan’s comments are nothing new, Irish politicians have always talked themselves into trouble by daring to give their assessment of Irish people’s reasons for emigrating. Historical analysis by Diarmaid Ferriter, 25 January.