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Fall in unemployment, Christmas impressions, new green card rules and an initiative to create thousands of jobs: this week’s round up of emigration stories from

Wed, Jan 11, 2012, 09:02


A total of 434,784 people signed on in December, representing a fall of 2,295 over the year.

Six reasons why the property market will be slow to recover Increased emigration coupled with a slowing of household fragmentation (think children moving back into the family home, for example) means that demand for property is weak. Lorcan Sirr, 5 January.

A bit of Ireland in the emigrant’s bag Letter of encouragement for emigrants from Cora Murphy Palombella, 5 January.

Generation Emigration 2012 “Resoluteness, determination and willingness to confront upheaval.” Editorial, 5 January.

Number on Live Register falls Rise in emigration could be the reason. Ciara O’Brien, 5 January.

The visiting emigrant’s impression: ‘People weren’t splashing the cash’ Are we coming out of the doldrums or are we in collective denial? Emigrants who came home for Christmas gave their impressions of an Ireland that has changed utterly – or has it? Ciara Kenny, 6 January.

Ensuring a happy post script Interview with Elgin Loane, new owner of the Irish Post. Mark Hennessy, 6 January.

Council of State nominees announced Sally Mulready, Irish emigrant rights activist in UK, appointed by Michael D Higgins to Council of State. Kilian Doyle, 6 January.

This week they said… “Emigration is so common now in Carrick. I could have told the local priest that I was selling mangoes and chimpanzees off a stall along the Amazon and he wouldn’t have batted an eyelid.” Claire Gorman from Carrick-on-Shannon, who is working as a teacher in Abu Dhabi, 7 January.

Irish Famine ceremony to be hosted in Boston 7 January.

Plan to fix US green card snag will help thousands Julia Preston, 7 January.

Recession, austerity and emigration of 1920s resonate in today’s Republic Eoin Burke-Kennedy, 7 January

Is now a good time to buy? 50,000 25-34-year-olds have emigrated, decreasing demand for property. Conor Pope, 9 January.

A bite of Ireland in the emigrant’s bag Mikados, Club Orange, Clonakilty, rashers and Tayto. Letter from Patrick Falvey, 9 January.

A duty to document dereliction Irish artists capturing abandoned homes and workplaces. Aidan Dunne, 9 January.

Bruton says new initiative aims to create thousands of jobs 150 interventions proposed by government across 9 departments. Deaglán de Bréadún, 11 January.