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Wed, Dec 14, 2011, 09:08


Is this the Ireland my grandfather dreamt of? “I am still getting over having to package presents to send to the other side of the world instead of placing them under the Christmas tree,” writes Barbara Scully, 8 December.

Croke Park to create ‘significant further savings’ Michael O’Regan, 8 December.

All I knew about Afghanistan was years of war Noel Scanlon interviewed for the Generation Emigration series about taking a job in Afghanistan to pay his mortgage in Clare. Ciara Kenny, 8 December.

Internet entrepreneur giving back after striking gold Philip Berber, co-founder of A Glimmer of Hope, Texas interviewed by Joanne Hunt as part of the Wild Geese: emigrant business leaders on opportunities abroad series, 8 December.

Angela’s anscestors “Someone needs to tell Angela Merkel about how her great grandparents emigrated from Ireland”. Gerard Lee, Letters, 10 December.

An Irishman’s Diary “When mass emigration resumed in the early 1860s, the London Times compared Irish peasants to rats leaving an empty ship.” Brendan Ó Cathaoir, 12 December.

Where to next for the Bailout Generation? Louise Holden talks to five final year arts and social science students at UCD about what they make of the state of the nation, 13 December.

What’s the talk of education Reaction to education cuts in the budget, 13 December.

Frankfurt’s difficulty is Ireland’s opportunity “A child born in 2008, when the bank guarantee was given, will (unless she emigrates) still be paying a chunk of her taxes towards Anglo and INBS when she is 23.” Fintan O’Toole, 13 December.

Jobless rate up to 14.4% in third quarter “Many of those losing jobs are leaving the labour force, with emigration accounting for much of the change.” Dan O’Brien, 13 December.

Bill to allow Irish gain US visas Senator Charles Schumer from New York introduced a new Bill to the United States Senate that would annually allow up to 10,000 Irish citizens to obtain American work visas. Ines Novacic, 13 December.

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