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Harvard Law School’s ‘Program on Negotiation’ returns to Dublin

This December, the Program on Negotiation teaching returns to Ireland. The course will run on the 4th, 5th, and 6th at the Castleknock Hotel, Dublin

Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation

The PON Global programme was created in 2016, to spread their techniques, ideas, and curriculum to cities across the globe. In 2017, Dublin joined this roster of PON global offerings.


Last year, 47 participants from a diverse pool of disciplines attended the three-day Dublin instalment of the Program on Negotiation (PON) Global programme. This was the first time that the PON designed programme was delivered in Ireland. In doing so, senior Irish leaders working in areas ranging from mediation to corporate business were afforded the opportunity to benefit from a proven executive course that has provided world-class negotiation training to global professionals since its founding in 1983.

The intensive three-day programme intends to mould participants into cutting edge negotiators through a combination of theory and practice delivered from a classroom instructor, real life Harvard case studies, dynamic negotiation exercises, and videoconferences with the PON faculty at Harvard.

PON is universally recognised as a world leader in the field of negotiation research and is a consortium programme of Harvard, MIT, and Tufts University. At the heart of PON’s mission is its goal to nurture the next generation of negotiation teachers and scholars, helping students become more effective negotiators, and providing a forum for the discussion of ideas. With this, PON’s executive education courses have been delivered to over 35,000 people in 35 years. This December the chance to add to that pool of knowledge is once again made possible.

PON organisers decided to branch out internationally and create the PON Global programme in 2016, to spread their techniques, ideas, and curriculum to cities across the globe. In 2017, Dublin joined this roster of PON global offerings.

During the three days participants learn fundamentals of the negotiation process including the creating and claiming value, best practices for difficult situations, negotiating across different cultures, handling emotions, and addressing complexities in multi-party negotiations.

What to expect

The timetable of the innovative programme is as follows:

Day one: understanding key negotiation concepts

This session will address the core framework of negotiation theory and practice including: bargaining positions, creating shared value, and assessing how to improve your relationship with counterparts. Through interactive exercises, case studies, and discussions, participants will learn how to sharpen their thought processes, cooperate, build trust, and prepare in negotiation contexts.

Day two: managing interpersonal dynamics

This session will build on the fundamentals learned on day one and will introduce participants to personal skills that can be used to generate responses difficult situations that arise in negotiations. A focus will be placed on navigating to personality differences and manipulative tactics in order to regain control of negotiations in this session with skills such as active listening, determining core concerns, and understanding own biases being addressed.

Day three: addressing negotiation complexities

With day two opening the door to the interpersonal aspects of negotiations day three will delve further into these complexities and will describe the best practices associated with cross-cultural and interparty negotiations. Through taking part in negotiating simulations PON will give participants a better sense of how their own culture is perceived by others as well as offer advice on how to bridge cultural differences and avoid stereotypes. Additionally, the theory around building alliances and coalitions with stakeholders in complex multiparty negotiations will be addressed.

Completing this course will give participants a comprehensive knowledge of the negotiation process as it covers every angle, from personal evaluation to cross cultural differences. The interactive learning style that PON practices puts the theory that participants learn to the test and gives participants the chance to receive feedback from both world class faculty and other participants. This teaching and feedback will provide individuals with effective workplace strategies that will improve their value building skills.


The PON Global faculty have negotiated successfully in a variety of high stakes situations from peace treaties to multi-billion-dollar deals around the globe. The onsite instructor in Dublin this December will be Florrie Darwin who is a lecturer on Law at the Harvard Law School. She will be joined by other faculty that will deliver videoconferences and Q&A sessions.

What others said about the course

“I have spent the latter part of my business life negotiating client's positions, but I've never found a course that offers this level of training.” Anthony Carey, director, Conney Carey (Dublin, 2017)

“I attended last year's programme and would thoroughly recommend it.” Stephen Wood, civil, commercial, and online mediator (Dublin, 2017)

“PON Global is a thought-provoking course led by incredibly intelligent and engaging individuals. It should be mandatory for world leaders!” Christian Low, senior manager, global supplier management, Aberdeen Standard Investments (London)

About the Kennedy Institute

PON Global is delivered in partnership with the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for Conflict Intervention at Maynooth University. The institute builds capacity for constructive approaches to conflict at all levels in society, supporting practitioners and policy makers by providing rigorously taught programmes, conducting and disseminating pertinent research and by creating opportunities for dialogue in our specialist fields of interest. The Institute was named after the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy for his lifelong commitment to justice, equality, human rights, education, and in particular his role in the Northern Ireland Peace Process.

For more information on the 2018 PON Global Dublin course, visit the websitedownload our brochure and register here

Or email, or phone our office at 01 708 6629.

Upon completion, participants obtain a Harvard accredited certified qualification.