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Give your skin a new dynamic with L’Occitane Precious Youthcare

For a quicker skin renewal, smoothed fine lines, improved plumpness and texture


L’Occitane’s reformulated Precious Dynamic Youthcare range helps your skin to keep up with your fast pace of life.


The skin is a living organ that’s constantly renewing itself. A new skin cell is formed (proliferation) in the deepest layer of the epidermis and matures as it moves to the surface of the skin (differentiation). Changes in the epidermis are due to external factors, which contribute to generating oxidative stress, as well as internal factors, such as a decrease in hyaluronic acid.

You have probably heard of this powerful hydrator, which is renowned for its ability to attract and retain moisture, keeping skin smooth and plumped. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body, but as you get older, your skin loses its capacity to produce it, causing levels to go down.

As for oxidative stress – which can be generated by pollution, poor diet and other lifestyle factors – it happens when there’s an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants. This can lead to damaged skin cells, which can no longer function properly.

All these factors take a toll on your skin. It loses its plumpness, its texture becomes uneven, fine lines start to form and pores appear larger.

L’Occitane’s reformulated Precious Dynamic Youthcare range helps your skin to keep up with your fast pace of life. At its heart lies a duo of complementary active ingredients: Immortelle essential oil and the dynamic Hyaluronic Acid complex. Immortelle essential oil, which is known to have antioxidant properties, helps to fight against the effects of daily aggressors and helps to promote natural skin renewal.

In the Precious formula, it works in harmony with a new-generation complex: dynamic Hyaluronic Acid. This complex combines hyaluronic acid with silicon – a mineral that acts as a carrier, taking the hyaluronic acid deeper into the epidermis. Twice as powerful as standard hyaluronic acid, the dynamic complex is able to quadruple the natural production of hyaluronic acid in the skin.*

It helps to stimulate cell proliferation, while immortelle essential oil helps cells to mature, so skin can renew itself faster. Fine lines are smoothed out, skin is plumped with moisture and its texture is improved. Amazingly, after just 10 days of use, tests showed a significant acceleration of natural skin renewal.**

* Ex vivo test on human skin explant after 9 days of application.

** Efficacy test on skin renewal on 20 women – Routine: Essential Water, Serum, Eye Balm, Cream

The Precious Dynamic Youthcare lineup: 

L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Essential Water – 200ml (€22.00)    

Enriched with rose floral water, this alcohol-free toner is easy to slip into your skincare routine; making your skin feel revitalised. To start, simply apply with a cotton pad morning and evening after cleansing your face

L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Essential Mist – 50ml (€18.00)

L’Occitane Alcohol-free Facial Mist is always an ideal choice for keeping your skin fresh and hydrated when you’re on the go. Held in an aerosol-free spray bottle, this mist is also enriched with rose floral water, which helps comfort and soften your skin with any time of the day, even under make-up. 

L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Dynamic Youthcare Serum – 30ml (€65.00)

The light, hydrating texture of the Serum sinks easily to smooth out your fine lines and give your skin a healthy-looking glow. Lentil extract visibly tightens pores and refines skin’s texture. Research shows that this grow-getter serum could add 30 per cent complexion radiance in just 2 weeks (serum, clinical scoring, 33 women).

After using the L’Occitane Precious Essential Water, apply this Youthcare Serum to your face and neck for both morning and evening, it is highly suggested to use moisturiser later.

Dynamic Youthcare Cream – 50ml (€59.00)

Incredibly rich yet rapidly absorbed, L’Occitane Dynamic Youthcare Cream is infused with moisture, visibly reducing your fine lines (-16 per cent after 2 weeks, efficacy test with 29 women), and enhancing complexion radiance. Perfect from normal to dry skin, this cream doesn’t feel greasy, despite its ultra-rich texture.

Dynamic Youthcare Cream is suitable as a day and night cream with availability of SPF 20.

Dynamic Youthcare Fluid – 50ml (€59.00)

Normal and combination skin will love this lightweight, milky moisturiser formula with its quick-absorbing, gel-cream texture. Swap out your cream for the non-greasy formula that visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines, infuses skin with moisture, and tightens pores to improve skin texture. Skin looks more youthful, plumped with moisture, and reveals a healthy-looking glow.

Apply morning and evening to face and neck, avoiding contact with the eyes.

Energizing Eye Balm – 15ml (€42.00)

This eye balm targets key eye-area concerns; fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. The non-greasy, fragrance-free, light but nourishing texture melts into the skin immediately!

Use morning and evening, gently dabbing onto the skin and working outwards from the inner corners of the eyes.

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