Good office design creates inspiring spaces for smarter working WeWork’s design thinking helps facilitate flexible, new ways of working. Photographs: WeWork

WeWork’s design experts marry form, function and fun, for greater productivity

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New car prices could rise by up to €10,000 if taxes increase in budget Jia Mingdi, president of SAIC-Volkswagen sales company, beside a Volkswagen Tiguan X during a Volkswagen premiere ceremony in Beijing on Saturday. Photograph: Wu Hong/EPA

Proposed changes are partly driven by new emissions testing regime across Europe

Pilita Clark: The looming legal minefield of working from home A poll of over 750 European employers published last week showed 41 per cent have plans to make it easier for staff to keep working remotely once offices reopen.

What an employer can and cannot require of staff has suddenly become much more complicated

Business owners hopeful of new guidelines for levels of personal injury damages An Alliance survey found insurance costs had risen by 204 per cent in five years, and that just under half (49 per cent) of respondents said rising insurance costs were threatening the future of their organisation. Photograph: Getty Images

The Alliance for Insurance Reform hopes to see reductions in the level of damages awarded, to bring them into line with other jurisdictions, and reduce insurance costs

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