A self-build in Offaly that has turned into a sustainable dream home When we planned the house with the architect they went through our options in terms of heating and we realised that an air source heat pump was the way to go, coupled with underfloor heating in each room.

Home builders around Ireland are reducing their carbon footprint by making climate friendly choices, such as choosing heat pumps over traditional heating technologies

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David McWilliams: A property crash in China would rock global system ‘The  debts of Evergrande, the Chinese real-estate developer, may signal the beginning of a slow property crash in China.’ Photograph: Alex Plavevski/EPA 8:51

There are 90 million empty apartments in China after years of a construction boom

Colm Tóibín says some Protestants in North regard Republic as ‘strange and foreign place’ Colm Tóibín’s latest novel, The Magician, is an imagined recreation of the life of the German novelist Thomas Mann. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

‘I think the question to ask people is: How much more tax would you pay willingly to fund Northern Ireland?’

Making the right investment choices in a challenging environment Even the best diversified portfolios will go through downswings, so any investor new to this needs to build that into their thinking. Photograph: Getty Images

Having a solid plan and sticking to it is key in an ever-changing market

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