Paul Carrack: “You gotta be happy with what you’ve got and what I’ve got is not too shabby.”

“I wouldn’t have wanted to be famous, I’m sure I wouldn’t have liked it at all. I wouldn’t have minded being filthy rich, but that’s different,” says (...)

Aonghus McAnally: “Lots of people will be unhappy with decisions.  I was sacked in a three-minute meeting

“If you want to be brave, stand up and be brave, don’t stand up and be half brave and hide behind something,” says Aonghus McAnally about the “secret (...)

have been on tour in the US 15 times in the last four years.

“You never really know when you’ve made it. There’s never one moment,” says I Draw Slow front woman Louise Holden, after the band’s recent signing to (...)

“If you have a feeling against abortion…then you never need to have one,” says Maria Doyle-Kennedy. “But you can’t decide for people who are not you.(...)

“I don’t think Margaret Thatcher was all women and I don’t think Leo Varadkar is all gay men,” says Fabian McGrath. The tenor with the Dublin Gay Men(...)

Feileacáin says it is important that men are encouraged to speak about their feelings about the loss of a child

For many families Father’s Day is a happy occasion, but for those who have lost a child, it can be a very difficult day. Ken Walsh’s third child Caoi(...)

“It has always been a safety rope to pull me out of the bog, music and words,” says Irish musician David Keenan. Hozier, Damien Dempsey and Glen Han(...)

Pachinko is already a bestseller, a research-heavy saga spanning almost a century and covering four generations of a poor Korean immigrant family as they battle unrelenting prejudice.

“I think that if you’re a writer and a woman then you have to take humiliation very well,” says author Min Jin Lee. It took the Korean-American writ(...)

Caroline Foran: ‘The more I tried to be fine, the more that fire built up inside me’

“I had gone from being this carefree, successful girlfriend, who was like, ‘I’m in London today interviewing Hugh Jackman! ’ to, ‘I can’t leave the ho(...)

“I think I’m running out of skeletons in my closet, I’m happy to say,” says Irish playwright, Eva O’Connor, about drawing on personal experiences for (...)