A classic colonial home in an upscale urban neighborhood in St  Paul, Minnesota

I recently returned from a trip to New York. Apart from being slightly astonished at how Trump Tower seemed to loom over Fifth Avenue like the Death (...)

I was briefly outraged the other day to read of an unnamed British retailer now “testing electronic price tags that display an item’s price based on w(...)

Ivor Roberts wrote that ‘the ancient quarrel [between Britain and Ireland] is in the process of being solved’.

As Britain stands on the threshold of exiting the European Union, a paean to Brussels has been made public, in which the author, former British ambass(...)

Rev Bill Mullally: “Northern Ireland politics will be the poorer.”

One of the main Protestant churches in Ireland has warmly praised former Northern Ireland deputy first minister Martin McGuinness for “his unstinting(...)

Felons Club in Belfast: after a meeting in the club in early January “Sinn Féin pressed a political nuclear button that has thrown Northern Ireland into uncertainty”. Photograph: from the club’s Facebook page

Inside the Felons Club in west Belfast the mood was immediately obvious. On a Saturday afternoon in early January several hundred republicans packed (...)

British prime minister Theresa May: declined to say if she would specifically criticise Mr Trump’s remarks about women. Photograph: Neil Hall/Reuters

Theresa May has promised that she will not flinch from challenging Donald Trump about “unacceptable” statements when she becomes the first foreign lea(...)

John Rocha, designer of fashion, jewellery, architecture, crystal and interiors: Photograph  Simon Brown

John Rocha is one of Ireland’s foremost designers whose work encompasses fashion, jewellery, architecture, crystal and interiors and who has worked o(...)

Lord Snowdon with his then wife, Princess Margaret, who  holds their newborn son Linley, and the Queen Mother on December 1st, 1961. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

Lord Snowdon, the former husband of Queen Elizabeth’s late younger sister Princess Margaret, has died aged 86, Buckingham Palace confirmed on Friday. (...)

Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness of Sinn Féin  address the media about the IRA ceasefire. Photograph: Pacemaker

If Martin McGuinness, as they say in his native Derry, had been at himself in recent months, then Northern Ireland politics might not be in such a mes(...)

Obama ’08 by Jonathan Horowitz features 43 past US presidents from George Washington to Barack Obama: one of three editions made by the artist sold at a Christie’s auction in New York late last year for $223,500

The recently announced decision by the Office of Public Works to commission an official portrait of former taoiseach Brian Cowen – after a long delay(...)