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In what is being described as its biggest undertaking since the 17th Century, the British Library has committted itself to adding to its vast s(...)

How do you encourage the next great invention? Many believe it would be achieved by introducing a tax credit for research and development. As t(...)

The Medical Practitioners’ Act 2007 introduced changes to how the Medical Council regulates the medical profession. Among the most important wa(...)

Sisk chief executive Liam Nagle. Directors of the construction group Sisk have said  it may take several years in Polish courts before claims from the group’s joint ventures there are resolved. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

The directors of construction group Sisk have conceded that it may take several years in Polish courts before claims from the group’s troubled (...)

IMO president Dr Matt Sadlier  said the fact that the Republic had the lowest-paid medical specialists in the English-speaking world would cause significant impairment to the State’s health service. Photograph: Don MacMonagle

Medical specialists in Ireland are now the lowest-paid within the English-speaking world, the president of the Irish Medical Organisation has s(...)

The Government is about to introduce a code of practice to curtail large retailers’ sharp practices in the grocery sector. This comes after sev(...)

Bushmills Irish Honey  has slight sediment from the honey and is a darker colour than Bushmills Original.

Irish whiskey is going through a period of phenomenal growth at present and with it has come a degree of innovation. In recent years we (...)

Three months after the horsemeat controversy gripped the Continent, beef exports here have increased by nearly 10 per cent alongside a surge in(...)

Lucie Burgess of the British Library (above) said the unprecedented archive operation in the UK would provide a complete snapshot of life in the 21st century. Photograph: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Ireland’s “legal deposit” libraries – the National Library and the libraries of seven universities – would have the option to extend their arch(...)

Ireland has the potential to export wind energy as other countries struggle to meet renewable energy targets. Photograph: David Sleator

Ireland is touted as the European Saudi Arabia of wind with its wild Atlantic coast and large tracts of rural land. It also has the potential t(...)