Simon Al-Bazoon and Sherwan Haji in The Other Side of Hope

It’s not entirely accurate to say that there is nothing quite like an Aki Kaurismäki film. The languid pacing and deadbeat deadpan that defines the Fi(...)

“Much routine care happens in acute hospitals, while GPs are underused and under-resourced. There’s little effective integration between primary and secondary care.” Photograph: Getty Images

Media coverage of Irish healthcare has two distinct themes: sins of omission and sins of commission. The sins of commission are evident. We are embroi(...)

Bertie Ahern:  refused to be drawn on whether he would prefer Leo Varadkar or Simon Coveney as Taoiseach

Former taoiseach Bertie Ahern has said he expects Enda Kenny to stay active in public life. He suggested that Mr Kenny may continue to be involved in (...)

A trader  on the floor at the closing bell of the Dow Industrial Average at the New York Stock Exchange: a range of studies have cast light on the drive and personality of traders. Photograph: Bryan R Smith/AFP/Getty

Ordinary investors badly underperform stock markets for a multitude of reasons. The biggest sin of all, though, is surely investors’ tendency to over-(...)

 Arja Kajermo: Cold climates and cold hearts are at the centre of The Iron Age. Photograph: Stefan Evans

‘The shrapnel that had gone into Father’s legs, in 1944 in the painful retreat when the war was lost, had somehow worked its way into his children. Ea(...)

Uber provides a transport service and must be licensed, an adviser to the European Union’s top court said on Thursday, in a potential blow to the US f(...)

Refugee children ride on a mini van, while participating with the solidarity to refugees movements in a May Day rally in central Athens. Photograph: AFP Photo/Louisa Gouliamaki/AFP/Getty Images

The portrayal of migrants as a risk to security and anti-migrant political debate are contributing to a rise in racist violence and speech across Euro(...)

Religion is a key value in bringing up children in the south Mediterranean and far less so in the north, where respect for other cultures tops a list.

Most people in the north and south of the Mediterranean region do not mind working with a person from a different cultural background, having them as (...)

The chief executive of the Road Safety Association, Moya Murdock, has argued that an €80 fine is having little impact on higher-earning drivers

The Garda Representative Association has opposed a proposal from the Road Safety Association that motorists should face speeding fines linked to incom(...)

Social democracy in crisis

It is hardly surprising that the focus of political analysis in recent years has been on explaining the emergence of “anti-politics”, the politics of (...)