Blackberries are beautiful picked straight of the bush

A few weeks ago, I was in Copenhagen, attending the Vild Mad Festival (Wild Food Festival). It was a one-day public festival celebrating wild food as (...)

Secondary students in Ireland have longer summer holidays and shorter school terms than most other countries in Europe, according to a European Commission report. Photo: iStock

Secondary students in Ireland have longer summer holidays and shorter school terms than most other countries in Europe. A European Commission report (...)

For search and social, Google and Facebook are inarguably two of the most powerful companies on the planet. File photograph: Getty Images

We don’t search online, we “google”, so it is no surprise that Google has over 77 per cent of the search engine market, while the nearest competitor i(...)

 Horses  at the site  near Athenry in Co Galway  where Apple plans to build  a data centre. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Ireland could lose out on jobs from multinational companies because of delays in planning permission for the proposed Apple data centre in Athenry, Co(...)

The Free Wifi Finder app uses GPS to find wifi hot spots all over the world. Find a network where you are, and use the Skype or Viber apps to make calls at no cost.

Saving money on your holidays has never been as easy, thanks to all the new apps and websites dedicated to cutting your costs while enhancing your exp(...)

Every morning since February 23rd, 2015, the people of Athenry have woken up to find the promised Apple data centre is still not there.  Photograph: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images

It is two years, six months and 24 days since Apple announced its intention to invest €850 million in a data centre in Athenry, where the news was gre(...)

 Brussels’ new   site aimed at countering Russian propaganda – “EU vs disinfo”, – makes for compulsive reading, documenting the more far-flung claims – 3,000 in the last year – and tracking their emergence

The Danes, if one is to believe the story, are opening brothels for zoophiles. They – the zoophiles, not the Danes – are people with a sexual fixation(...)

Americana veteran, writer and painter Tom Russell is rarely short of a word or six, though in fairness his rich past has generated great stories. They(...)

Irish household debt as a proportion of disposable income fell 10.2 per cent in the 12 months to the first quarter of 2017. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Irish households are reducing debt at a rapid rate, but still remain one of the most indebted in Europe. New figures from the Central Bank show debt (...)

Athlone’s Igor Labuts has been banned by the FAI for one year from all football-related activity for offences relating to match-fixing. Photograph: Oisin Keniry/Inpho

I once missed an open goal in a Championship game. The ball bounced at my feet with nobody in front of me and embarrassingly I sliced it wide. I did(...)