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One of thousands of photos of notes uploaded to It reads: “Dear students on the second floor: please stop smoking joints in the nude!! Or else buy some bloody curtains! I have had to answer lots of disturbing questions from my son, which no father would wish to discuss with a child  his age!”

Notes hang everywhere in Berlin. On lamp-posts, doors and abandoned sofas, the notes open a funny, angry and often passive-aggressive window into the (...)

We are all, to some degree, a product of our environment. Wallis Bird has personified that maxim more literally than most throughout her life. (...)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks at the Sueddeutsche Zeitung leadership conference in Berlin, Germany, yesterday. Photograph: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Chancellor Merkel has urged EU member states to drive on European integration and not rest on their post-crisis laurels. In a far-ranging European (...)

Agnes Obel: Aventine

Influenced as much by Joni Mitchell as Debussy and Satie, Denmark’s Agnes Obel wowed audiences at home and abroad with her beautiful 2010 debut, Ph(...)

A visitor passes a photo of the Belfast peace lines in the Wall on Wall exhibition at the East Side Gallery section of the former Berlin Wall. Photograph: Adam Berry/Getty Images

A little bit of Belfast has come to Berlin. The city’s peace lines feature on three of 36 giant panoramas of modern man-made barriers – pasted on to a(...)

A woman protests at Berlin’s Barbie ‘dreamhouse’; ‘life in plastic is not fantastic’ says the slogan written on her torso. Photograph: Derek Scally

All was well at Berlin’s newest, pinkest attraction yesterday. A trickle of visitors headed past the miniature, m(...)

Dancers from the Tap Connection dance school performing in Berlin today. Photograph: Derek Scally

The Irish stopped traffic today in Berlin. Nearly 3,000 Irish and hangers-on braved near-zero temperatures in the alternative Kreuzberg (...)

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