Bill Finnigan, director of public relations, Gulf Oil Company Eastern Hemisphere, sponsors of Rose ‘71, speaking at a press conference in the Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, Dublin. Photograph: Gordon Standing

Is it a meeting? Is it a concert? No, it’s all about contemporary art. Last week’s photo suggested the theme of art imitating life: today’s image inve(...)

Could you join them in one of their video games or watch some of their favourite YouTube clips together?

Having a warm connected relationship with your children is definitely one of the most enjoyable aspects of parenting. Doing fun activities together, s(...)

Garda Dick O’Connor, on point duty  at the McCurtain Street-Bridge Street crossing in Cork in 1954

It must be one of the steepest city-centre hills anywhere: and it certainly wasn’t any less steep in 1954, when Dermot Barry took this wonderfully atm(...)

Tears, wrote Voltaire, are the silent language of grief: and this photograph from 1989 is also silently, but intensely, evocative of as it invites the(...)

How can you proactively prepare your children to deal with problems they might be facing?

Children and young people are under increased pressures to become involved in risky and harmful activities such as smoking, drinking, drug taking as w(...)

Such is the immediacy of this picture that it’s a bit of a shocker to discover that it was taken nearly 25 years ago. It shows the cast of Glenroe mar(...)

‘Ah well now, in actual fact, em, you know . . . when I asked for a dig-out, this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.” Hmm. It’s the old skeletons-in-t(...)

tudents visiting The Irish Times Higher Options stand in the RDS Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times

The RDS opened its doors morning for the second day of the 2017 Irish Times Higher Options expo. Thousands of students are expected to attend the eve(...)

Who is this woman, and what is she doing? Is it a handbags-at-dawn situation? Perhaps she’s at the airport, bidding farewell to a visiting family memb(...)

The Most Rev. Dr Buchanan, Archbishop of Dublin, at the opening of St Andrew’s School, Lucan, Co Dublin. Playing the organ is Mr Sam Adamson

To sing, or not to sing? That is the question. Especially when the conductor has a baton with a hook on the end of it. If you hit a wrong note he migh(...)