Glenveagh Properties sees religious orders selling or entering joint ventures to develop more than €500 million of land that could be built on over the next five years.

Glenveagh Properties, the new homebuilder that is preparing to float on the Irish and London stock markets next week, sees religious orders selling or(...)

 Claudia Marshall, head of Ikea in Dublin. Photograph Nick Bradshaw

Listen up, because here follows an irrefutable life hack. If you want to test the true strength of your marriage/relationship/friendship with someone,(...)

Unless your friend is willing to move 95 carloads, get the professionals in. Photograph: Getty Images

According to age-old wisdom, moving house is more stressful than a relationship breakdown, a new job or even a divorce. And after the weekend I’ve jus(...)

Paddy Kelly: I met a Swedish girl in a Dublin pub in 1995. Now I live in Stockholm and have a grown son

I met a Swedish girl in a Dublin pub in 1995. What I knew about Sweden back then you could have scribbled on the back of an Abba stamp. Nevertheless, (...)

“The most important thing is to remind yourself that people are coming to have a good time, not to judge, and you just need to make them feel welcome”

The very first thing food writer and broadcaster Nigella Lawson bought when she moved into her first home was a table – “a table not just to eat on, b(...)

Cult bands don’t come much more enduring than Sparks. Almost five decades after first forming in Los Angeles, the Mael brothers proudly remain on the (...)

Balbutcher Drive in Ballymun the day after the  double fatal shooting. Photograph: Colin Keegan, Collins Dublin.

Gardaí have issued a further appeal for information in relation to the murders of Antoinette Corbally and Clinton Shannon. Ms Corbally, a 48-year-old(...)

A colleague confirmed that I am not the only one, reporting that he had visited an unspecified German retailer for potatoes and left with a pair of night-vision goggle

I had only popped into Lidl to buy some milk and a sliced pan but came out with a flamethrower and some weird-looking German sausage in a net. The fla(...)

Frances Fitzgerald, Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, has welcomed the new European Union  rules on corporate reporting. Photograph: Eric Luke

New rules requiring Irish companies to publish information on their policies in relation to gender diversity, corruption and the environment, includin(...)

In one Harvard study participants who read on light-emitting devices took longer to fall asleep, experienced less REM or dream sleep, and had higher alertness before bedtime than people who read regular books

“I’ve tried acupuncture, reflexology and reiki. I’ve taken herbal teas. I’ve put lavender in the bath. I’ve tried melatonin. I’m on magnesium at the m(...)