The Government is appealing the European Commission’s ruling on its Irish tax position. Photograph: Reuters

“The Maxforce” is the European Union team that ordered the State to collect billions of euros in back taxes from Apple, rattled the Government, and sp(...)

A great little package but be aware that souped-up models can be very pricy

As constant at the Northern Star, the little 500 has been on Fiat’s books since 2007, and is indeed really the car that saved Fiat from a major financ(...)

The Tipo’s steering feels springy and weighted with a touch of sporting heft and the suspension feels smooth and calm

There aren’t many surprises in this job. Car companies, so keen they are on garnering as much publicity as possible, drip-feed information and stats o(...)

Volkswagen accounted for 24.9 per cent of  car sales in Europe in October, compared with 25.3 per cent a year earlier. Photograph: iStock

Volkswagen lost market share in Europe for the 14th straight month since the emissions-cheating scandal erupted in September 2015, as competitors took(...)

Alfa Romeo is trying to revive its appeal with Americans and improve profitability by introducing its first sport utility vehicle (SUV). The mid-size(...)

Bank of Ireland rose 4.2 per cent,  on the back of hopes red tape around the sector might ease. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Global stocks joined declines in bonds and commodities as a sell-off in emerging markets deepened with traders parsing the implications of a Donald Tr(...)

Don’t judge a book by its cover and don’t leave the new Ford Ka+ off your shopping list if you’re looking for a nimble supermini. The new smallest For(...)

Ford’s dip is in contrast with General Motors which reported record third-quarter net income of $2.8 billion on Tuesday. Photograph: iStock

Ford, buffeted by a slowing US market, posted third-quarter profit that fell by more than half while still beating analysts’ estimates because of cost(...)

Fiat Tipo saloon: being promoted on price and  equipment

It’s going to be a busy 12 months for Paul Hunt. The recently-installed managing director of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Ireland Ltd is an experienced h(...)

Volkswagen accounted for 22.9 per cent of Europe’s auto sales in September compared with 23.3 per cent a year earlier. Photograph: iStock

Volkswagen has lost market share in Europe for the thirteenth consecutive month since the emissions scandal erupted in September 2015, as competitors (...)