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The Paradise Papers leak revealed that companies and rich people still don’t like paying tax if they can get away with not doing so.

Paradise Papers, and the Panama Papers and Luxleaks before them, have done the essential job of focusing(...)

(...) the Panama Papers, Luxleaks, and Swissleaks projects, with which The Irish Times was also a media(...)

Raphael Halet (left), and Antoine Deltour (right), former employees of PricewaterhouseCoopers, and journalist Edouard Perrin (centre) pictured on Wednesday. Photograph: EPA

The whistleblowers behind the LuxLeaks taxation disclosures have had their sentences reduced on(...)

Tax avoidance by multinationals costs poor countries  €92 billion a year, which could fund healthcare to save the lives of at least six million children. Photograph: Nic Bothma/EPA

LuxLeaks affair, which exposed the various preferential tax deals afforded to large corporations by(...)

Of the 18 countries analysed, Ireland has on average introduced the highest number of reductions of developing country tax rates, according to a new report.

LuxLeaks scandal. The study was produced by a coalition of European civil society organisations(...)

Mr Keoghan said in 2014 Ireland became a net contributor to the EU budget for the first time, paying in €1.69bn and receiving €1.52bn

Irish Government, Luxleaks, the Panama papers, the Bahamas leaks etc has emboldened the commission to(...)

French TV journalist Edouard Perrin, who was the first to report on the leaked PwC documents in the Luxleaks controversy, was acquitted of all charges.

(...) fines by a court there for their role in leaking the data that led to the Luxleaks controversy. Antoine(...)

People holding a placard reading: “200,000 signatures say Thank you Antoine” at the trial of three men accused of leaking thousands of confidential documents revealing corporate tax deals. Photograph: Julien Warnand/EPA

(...) firm employees who leaked data about its tax deals with large corporations in the so-called “LuxLeaks(...)

Mossack Fonseca’s offices in Panama City: tax authorities around the globe are anxious to get their hands on the Panama Papers data. Photograph: Carlos Jasso/Reuters

(...) exceeds in size that of Wikileaks, Luxleaks, and Swissleaks combined. It contains four decades of the(...)

 Former employee of PricewaterhouseCoopers, Antoine Deltour leaves court on the first day of the LuxLeaks whistleblower trial in Luxembourg  Photograph: Julien warnand/EPA

(...) opening day of the LuxLeaks trial on Tuesday. Antoine Deltour, a French citizen and former employee of(...)

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