Chelsea’s   goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois:  although he  is happy at Chelsea and willing to sign improved terms, he has regularly expressed his fondness for life in La Liga. Photograph AFP Photo

(...) stuck to Greenwich mean time in an attempt to overcome the four-hour time difference with one eye on(...)

A gallery assistant adjusts the minute hand of the Royal Observatory clock in Greenwich. In 1968, Daylight Saving Time was adopted on an experimental basis in Britain and Ireland. Photograph: Johnny Green/PA

(...) zenith over Greenwich in London is defined as midday in the UK and other countries using Greenwich Mean(...)

John F Kennedy waves from his car in a motorcade in Dallas before he was shot dead. Photograph: AP/Jim Altgens

(...).30pm Central Standard Time, which is six hours behind Greenwich Mean Time. The memo added: “After the(...)

The portrait of Capt James Cook, which may have been painted in England before Cook departed on his last voyage in July 1776

(...) huge sum at the time. But what captured the attention of the media the following day was the price paid(...)

Ballast House time ball was taken down in 1920. It came from a time when the city were on Dublin time rather than GMT. Photograph: National Library of Ireland

(...) chronometers to Greenwich Mean Time. However, when the ball dropped at 1pm GMT, for the rest of the city, it(...)

Greenwich Mean Time would be renamed Guinness Mean Time for the year 2000. Of course it wasn’t true. You(...)

Saving daylight?

Sir, – Given that every autumn we adjust our clocks to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) about eight weeks(...)

Ryanair climbed 3.3 per cent to €14.66, after publishing traffic data showing a further three-percentage-point rise in its load factor – the proportion of seats filled – to 94 per cent. Photograph: Philippe Huguen/AFP/Getty Images

(...) the last Federal Reserve policy meeting, which was due at 7pm Greenwich Mean Time. The S&P 500(...)

Lauren Elkin: I like to joke that living in Paris is like living in the twentieth century. In New York or London I feel constantly aggressed by the twenty-first century

(...) not anonymous, which I not only take to mean women who produced work they didn’t sign but women whose(...)

General Francisco Franco:  moved Spain’s clocks one hour ahead to be in line with Adolf Hitler’s  Germany. Photograph: Getty Images

Monday. Spain was originally in the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) zone along with Britain and Portugal(...)

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