Demonstrators march in Sao Paulo against corruption and the government of president Dilma Rousseff. Photograph: Bosco Martin/EPA

Investigation into state-run oil giant has rocked the country with president even in the spotlight

Cubans queue to apply for tourist visas to visit the US at the American Interests Building in Havana. Photograph: Meredith Kohut/New York Times

This week, Barack Obama announced the US would restore diplomatic relations with Cuba, but it’s actually America that’s coming in (...)

Michael Lynne: being held in a prison in the city of Recife. Photograph:  Garrett White/Collins

Former solicitor to face charges relating to the collapse of his property empire in 2007

Michael Lynn who  fled from Ireland in October 2007 with debts of €80 million. Photograph: Federal Police of Brazil

A judge in Brazil is expected to give ruling on Irish Government request to send him back

Tabaré Vázquez waves a Uruguayan flag to celebrate his victory in the country’s presidential election. His victory follows those in recent weeks for fellow leftists Evo Morales in Bolivia and Dilma Rousseff in Brazil. Photograph: Matilde Campodonico/AP

Broad Front win in Uruguay confirms appeal of left-wing rule despite economic slowdown

A young fan of presidential candidate for the ruling Broad Front party, Tabaré Vázquez, at a  campaign rally for the movement in Montevideo, Uruguay. Photograph: Matilde Campodonico/AP

Popular coalition saw economy quadruple in size over past decade

An anti-government demonstration in   Sao Paulo recently. Photograph: EPA/Aaron Cadena Ovalle

Rousseff made great political capital by attacking the elite but may need to reach out to them to overcome recession

Brazil fighting entrenched legacy of racism on Black Consciousness Day

DOM’s kitchen  in São Paulo. DOM is the city’s perennial representative in lists of the world’s top 10 restaurants. Photograph:  Nelson Almeida/AFP/Getty Images

Fanatical following for food expert who rips into poor restaurant fare

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