Pope Francis  swings an incense thurible during a canonisation ceremony to elevate six men and women to sainthood,  in St Peter’s square at the Vatican on Sunday. Photograph: Alessandro Bianchi/Reuters

Holy See’s ‘promoter of justice’ Fr Robert J Geisinger reportedly allowed abuser to remain in ministry

 Pope Francis called on every state to guarantee natural law and “the pillars of truth” so that the “aim of feeding the human family becomes feasible”, at the  second International Conference on Nutrition in Rome yesterday.  Photograph:  Franco Origlia/Getty Images

Tells conference ‘primacy of profit’ has reduced foodstuffs to a commodity

Pope Francis  has called world hunger “one of the most dramatic paradoxes of our time which we are witnessing helplessly and often with indifference”.  Photograph: Franco Origlia/Getty Images

Irish Government to be represented at three-day assembly by Leo Varadkar

Eggs and fireworks were thrown at the Italian economy ministry in Rome during street protests at the weekend. Photograph: EPA/Massimo Percossi

Residents argue their areas suffer neglect as they carry burden for migrant influx

Author Roberto Saviano. Photograph:  Barbara Zanon/Getty Images

Review: The fearless author of Gomorrah goes on the bloody trail of today’s narco-terrorists

Italian writer Roberto Saviano (centre): ‘Asked on television this week if this week’s court ruling had tempted him to leave Italy, Saviano’s reply to the programme presenter was nothing if not eloquently laconic, saying: “And were you tempted to leave?”.’ Photograph: EPA/CIRO FUSCO

Opinion: Renzi accused of reducing the fight against organised crime to ‘just one’ of Italy’s problems

Mario Balotelli and Alessio Cerci  during an Italy training session at Coverciano on in Florence. Photograph: Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Italian coach gives stark warning to Liverpool striker ahead of Croatia game

Cardinal Raymond Burke: having been removed from office, he becomes the patron of the Order of the Knights of Malta. Photograph: Franco Origlia/Getty Image

Raymond Burke, head of Holy See’s supreme court, identified as ‘opposition’ to Francis’s reformist agenda

Pope Francis: “Perhaps he  asked people, now who is the most marginalised priest in Madrid,” said Fr d’Orso. Photograph: Stefano Rellandini/Reuters

Excluding women ‘unacceptable’ says priest due to report to pontifical council

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