Dunne: We have to hold our hands up


Soccer:Richard Dunne emerged from Ireland training this morning a pale imitation of his usual self, broken, it seems, from the pounding he and his defence have taken in the opening two games of Euro 2012.

The Dubliner has for years been seen as the cornerstone of Giovanni Trapattoni's side and will be remembered for numerous heroic performances, but the manner in which Ireland have conceded seven goals in defeats to Croatia and Spain in the last week is hurting him now.

“It’s heartbreaking,” he said in Gdynia today. “It’s your dream to go and play in the championships and play well and be brilliant. And it’s just not happened for us, so it’s heartbreaking. As much as we want to do well, we know we haven’t. We are playing against teams that are better than us and it’s hard to accept that our best at the moment isn’t good enough.”