‘In 10 months’ time, Oscar Pistorius  will be 28, probably fit enough and gritty enough  to resume competitive running. Will he be embraced as someone who has done – or is doing — his time or will he be shunned?’ Above, Pistorius is led to a prison van after his sentencing in Pretoria yesterday. Photograph:  Mike Hutchings/Reuters

Opinion: In 10 months’ time, he will be 28, probably fit enough and gritty enough to resume competitive running

Amy Chua, author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

Children need inner strength to survive in a tough world, says‘Tiger Mother’ author

Family time: three out of every four people surveyed about their end-of-life wishes said they would like to die at home, surrounded by loved ones. Photograph: Sebastien Bozon/AFP/Getty

Ireland supposedly ‘does death well’. But a new survey suggests that it’s a modern taboo – and that end-of-life care in this count(...)

‘If Alex Ferguson and Roy Keane (above, in 2007) were women, how would the reaction to all the “snidey” point-scoring in their book-selling blitzes differ from that accorded to the men?’ Photograph:  Matthew Peters/Manchester United via Getty Images

Opinion: Keane and Ferguson claim attention as water protests grow

Sale of Co Kildare property follows €22m court judgement

The 750-acre estate and stud farm goes on the market today, writes Kathy Sheridan

‘Politicians do not exist in isolation from society. How many people have never sought special consideration from a politician or a “contact” for example? When it works for them, it’s called having a “good constituency worker”. When it works for someone else, it’s called cronyism.’ Photograph: Getty Images

Opinion: Is there an Irish person who has never sniffed cronyism while job-seeking?

Conor Brady: his judgment on the force    now is implicit in his decision not to seek reappointment to GSOC. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Brady’s disillusionment with limitations of office prompted his decision not to seek reappointment

‘While endless columns and air time are sacrificed to fulminations over the McNulty fiasco, the would-be stroke that has reduced the Oireachtas to an orgiastic lather can be reduced to one small and boring fact: Enda Kenny’s contempt for the Seanad.’ Photograph: Matt Kavanagh / THE IRISH TIMES

Opinion: The genie was well out of the bottle before the concession by Kenny that the Seanad seat targeted for a thoroughly humili(...)

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