Just like their anthem, we've no words to describe this Spanish side


VIEW FROM THE COUCH:LIFE’S mysteries: could it really have been 24 days since we were treated to the delights of the Euro 2012 opening ceremony, the highlight when the fella hammering out a bit of Chopin on his glitter-covered piano then attempted some keepy-uppies, merely proving he was as handy with his feet as, say, Carlton Palmer in his pomp?

And could it really have been 24 days since it was determined that Spain are boring? May our lives be that intoxicatingly monotonous from this day forth.

“Has their brilliance become boring”, Guy Mowbray asked Mark Lawrenson early in the first half. “A little bit, I think they’ve missed the idea of football, which is to score lots of goals and entertain – as well as win,” he said.