Monday, Sep 15th – Sunday, Sep 21st

Hawkeye decided a draw would be a fair result at the end of the All-Ireland hurling decider yesterday.

Why are there children’s tickets for the replay but not for the first game?

Monday, Sep 8th – Sunday, Sep 14th

Thanks to Paula Greally for the picture taken in Ballingarry.

Pat Shortt predicts Premier County will kick the Cats up the arse

A word of warning from a Kilkenny supporter for their neighbours . . .

For Kilkenny to prevail Sunday they’ll need Shefflin shuffling

Eve Cullen, still smiling after joining her father on a lesiurely country cycle.

Damian Cullen on the joys of a leisurely spin

Monday, Sep 1st – Sunday, Sep 6th

Feeling outnumbered? Galway supporters at the under-21 hurling semi-final at the weekend surely were.

What’s having the crowd urging one team on worth on the scoreboard?

Thursday, Aug 28th – Sunday, Aug 31st

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