Gavin refuses to comment on O’Brien case

Dublin boss will await decision from CHC

Dublin football manager Jim Gavin. Photograph: Lorraine O’Sullivan/Inpho

Dublin football manager Jim Gavin. Photograph: Lorraine O’Sullivan/Inpho

Thu, Apr 25, 2013, 11:58

Dublin football manager Jim Gavin has refused to comment on the ongoing disciplinary case of Kevin O’Brien.

The central competitions control committee (CCCC) recommended a three- game suspension for the Dublin defender following an incident with Donegal’s Paddy McBrearty in the national league game on April 7th.

O’Brien is contesting the suspension, a category III offence, under Rule 5 (aggressive fouls), with the central hearings committee (CHC).

“The situation is that it’s with the CHC and I think it would be inappropriate of me to make a comment that would be prejudicial, so I think you’ll understand that,” said Gavin at this morning’s Dublin press conference ahead of Sunday’s national league final against Tyrone.

It is believed that the CHC will convene tonight.

Gavin did support director general Páraic Duffy’s comments earlier this week about the GAA’s disciplinary structures being satisfactory, despite the time lag from the alleged incident to a disciplinary hearing.

“The changes we made a few years ago have bedded in very well and the structures do work very well and I don’t think this raises any question about the structures at all,” said Duffy.

“When the process is complete we will announce the outcome and I think that is absolutely fair to everyone involved. I am absolutely happy with how the structures work. In any disciplinary case the findings are announced after the hearing stage and that is still the same.”