Ellen Byrne, co-founder and creative director of the Festival of Curiosity: “We want to see grandparents and grandchildren learning and working on things together”

Expect a whole lot of mixing next month when the Festival of Curiosity takes off in Dublin. The four-day extravaganza of science, tech, art and genera(...)

Prof Jens Ducrée, founding director of the Fraunhofer Project Centre for Embedded Bioanalytical Systems at DCU. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

You want to make it easier to detect and monitor conditions at home or in the doctor’s office. Can you explain? At the moment there are only a few t(...)

Lightron the Robot with CoderDojo participants at a CoderDojo Coolest Projects Awards at the RDS, Dublin.  Photograph: Conor McCabe Photography

Imagine a computer game that could encourage kids to eat fruit and then put the leftovers neatly into the bin. Last year, three 10-year-old coders fro(...)

Prof Wenxin Wang: “The next step is to do a clinical trial in humans, and we are moving towards that” .

You work on a condition called epidermolysis bullosa or EB. What is that? EB is a rare, genetic skin condition people are born with, where the skin b(...)

You are a comedian and a scientist. That’s a funny combination. I see what you did there. I think comedy and science have a lot in common. For one, th(...)

Andrew Bowie, professor in immunology, Trinity College Dublin: “We put a virus or parts of a virus into cells in the lab as ‘bait’ and we see what happens”

You spend a lot of time thinking about viruses. Why? “Viruses and humans have co-existed for a long time, and it’s a bit like an arms race: our immun(...)

The latest Toyota Prius: Magnets drive electrical motors that power everything from kitchen blenders to lawnmowers to hybrid electric cars.

Magnets. You may not have thought much about them since playing with the traditional horseshoe-shaped variety as a child, but they are all around. M(...)

Getting noticed at the massive tech fest South by Southwest is no easy task. A maelstrom of talks, pitches and stands, the conference sprawls across n(...)

The statue of Theodore Roosevelt at the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan.

If you are fortunate enough to be planning a holiday in New York city soon, be sure to factor in some science on your travels. The Big Apple has plent(...)

‘We must not stand by as American scientists are silenced.’ Photograph: Erik McGregor/Getty Images

What do we want? Evidence-based thinking in policy development! When do we want it? Now! That’s probably not the exact chant that will ring out from (...)