‘Writing is one way of making the world our own, and . . . walking is another,” writes Geoff Nicholson in The Lost Art of Walking: The History, Phi(...)

“Instead I fixed my face into a grin and, ah, for a second, the sun came out to light up the side of the red and spinning barn.” There is a chink of (...)

Siobhán McDonald: “I wanted to try and convey the feeling of a cosmic event – of a meteor crashing through the atmosphere and landing on earth – and to connect with that event.”

In her studio, artist Siobhán McDonald is showing me a series of eight small glass jars, standing on a perspex plinth, that contain what look like (...)

The term “to make a good impression” comes from printing. In traditional letterpress printing text was set by hand in rows of metal or wooden type – t(...)

Maria Popova, the founder of the literary blog Brain Pickings, in New York. ‘Why would I want to write something that would have the shelf life of a banana?” Photograph: Elizabeth Lippman/The New York Times

‘Why would I want to write something that would have the shelf life of a banana?” Maria Popova asked the interviewer from the New York Times. Popov(...)

With so many new books jostling for attention, it might seem strange that some publishers opt to reissue out- of-print titles. Shouldn’t any book wort(...)

John Banville tackles perhaps the gallery’s most famous piece, Caravaggio’s The Taking of Christ (1602). His meticulous, erudite account somehow makes us see an overly familiar masterpiece anew.

In 1944 George Bernard Shaw wrote from England to Thomas Bodkin, a former director of the National Gallery of Ireland, to ask whether the institution (...)

Phillips often uses the materials of arts and crafts in her work, such as these pencils

Collaboration is an important element of Ciara Phillips’s work. The Irish-Canadian artist, who is based in Glasgow, is nominated for this year’s Tu(...)

Naomi Elster (left) and Lisa Burke, current editors of ‘HeadSpace’ magazine.

It’s a cool, stylised watercolour. A long-legged girl in a yellow minidress sits on a white box and leans forward, dangling a wedge-heeled sandal from(...)

John Cooper Clarke:  probably the only person who could write a perfect haiku about how hard it is to write a haiku – and make it funny. Photograph: Ben A Pruchnie/Getty Images

One of my favourite poems is Haiku No 1, by the Manchester punk poet John Cooper Clarke, which goes: To-con-vey one’s mood In sev-en-teen syl(...)