Jenny Taaffe: “I believe in ‘if you buy cheap, you buy twice’, so I will never look for the cheapest price, but I definitely like to get value.”

(...) now? My trusty Visa Debit. I rely a lot on that little card! In conversation with Tony Clayton-Lea(...)

Taylor Swift at the 3Arena  in Dublin. Photograph:  Carrie Davenport/Getty Images

It’s a tweenage rampage at Dublin’s 3Arena - school is out, and the queues have been starting from early afternoon. There doesn’t seem to be a young (...)

The trouble with being prolific (and Neil Young is exactly that – this is his 36th studio album) is that you can, unwittingly, repeat yourself(...)

Dublin band North Sea have kept a relatively low profile since the release of their debut EP three years ago; the interim time spent honing th(...)

Sarah Cracknell: 18-year gap between her two solo albums. Photograph: Paul Kelly

She might be considered the darling of the British indie pop music scene, but there’s nothing frivolous about 48-year-old Sarah Cracknell. She is b(...)

David Webster: “I bought my really good quality bespoke tailor-made black tie suit about 12 years ago. I end up going to quite a few black tie events each year and it hasn’t required a replacement”

(...) on you now? I have a €10 note in my wallet. In conversation with Tony Clayton-Lea(...)

For the love of all that’s good and proper, here come The Frames, again. From 1990 onwards, they were inspiring and annoying in equal measure. In t(...)

Since the emergence of Iceland’s Sigur Rós some 20 years ago, the notion of non-English bands writing and singing in their native language has(...)

Proving that all not alt.rock indie bands are hewn from the same piece of identikit rock, London’s Wolf Alice may have a few too many tricks u(...)

Margaret Burke: “I’ll generally ask for a discount, especially if I’m buying more than one item”

(...) with the debit card. In conversation with Tony Clayton-Lea(...)