Girls? They’re all over the shop these weeks, what with Girl Band, US Girls, Girls in Airports (both on these pages) and now Girls Names, the (...)

Toronto-based, Illinois-born experimental pop songwriter Meghan Remy is an acquired taste; there are songs on Half Free where she gets things (...)

New Order’s first album of fresh material in 10 years is the work of a band that, by rights, could have given up the ghost many years ago and walked a(...)

And so it comes to pass that the first knuckle-duster of a rock album of the year is released by a band from Dublin. Formed four years ago, Girl Ba(...)

John Lennon and Paul McCartney with George Martin (left) and Neil Aspinall at Abbey Road studios. Photograph: Henry Grossman/Govinda Gallery

The Beatles are here, there and everywhere – forever and ever. Just when you think there can be no further thoughts on how to sell even more albums(...)

Rory Gallagher playing with Taste in Denmark in 1970. Photograph: Jorgen Angel/Redferns

What have the showbands ever done for us? Bob Geldof is of the opinion that the Irish showband phenomenon – which featured predominantly throughout(...)

As a roaming member of Redneck Manifesto, Neil O’Connor dips into propulsive, instrumental alt-rock now and again, but there’s a strong sense (...)

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There may have been more critically acclaimed bands of the past 35 years than Australia’s The Go-Betweens, but right now I can’t think of any. One (...)

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