If there’s a classic case of a young band looking at the ground to check which direction it should take, then the debut album from Galway five(...)

Following the mainstream success of 2011’s Ceremonials album, a much-harried Florence Welch looked towards home in order to engage with real l(...)

Jennie Flynn: “I think you have to be a bit of a gambler to be an entrepreneur”

Are you a saver or a spender? I’m a saver of things and a spender of money. I normally manage to live within my means but only barely. Running my own (...)

(...) vibrant, vivid and dissenting thick of it. Tony Clayton-Lea writes on pop culture/ arts topics for The(...)

We’re allowed to change our minds, you know. And so it comes as no great surprise that, following Ash’s announcement in 2007 that their album (...)

Archetypal boy/girl music acts are showing no sign of going out of fashion, but whether it’s due to the contra harmonies or the perceived sexu(...)

You can’t get more quintessentially English than Grasscut, and you’d be hard pressed to come across better, more focused sound collages than w(...)

A slow, painful death to bands that take themselves too seriously. Certainly, Irish band The Eskies could never be accused of that, as anyone (...)