He goes, “I’ve decided I want to be a solicitodder. To one of the big criminoddle famidies.”

I call out to see Ronan on Monday morning. He’s smoking one of his world famous rollies and filling in a form. I’m like, “Alright, Ro? Is that the ce(...)

I used to think God put me on this planet to win Heineken Cups and Six Nations championships. I was wrong

(...)‘Come on, Ross!” Sorcha goes. “Where’s the horm?” I’m there, “It just feels like, I don’t know(...)

(...) of this house, Ross. I’m talking about matters of state. This afternoon, I shall be meeting with the(...)

Ross’s clients are “having trouble getting their heads around the fact that it’s no longer 2011 and the asking price isn’t necessarily the cost of the house any more. It’s the opening line in a conversation.”

(...), “JP, what’s the story? We seem to have a crossed line here.” He goes, “It’s not a crossed line, Ross(...)

South Side Story is a musical set in Dublin’s prosperous southern suburbs and explores the bitter gang rivalry between the children from Educate As One, a multi-denominational school in Sandycove, and Gaelscoil Naomh Eithne, a Catholic National School in Glasthule.

I walk into the orangery and I find my daughter sitting at the upright piano. I realize that’s the most middle-class sentence I’ve ever written, but i(...)

Tony Soprano carrying a wheelie bin up three flights of stairs. After 30 seconds, a voice goes, “Ross(...)

Sorcha takes one look at me and goes, “Oh my God, Ross, why aren’t you dressed?” I’m wearing(...)

(...) door and in I go. JP looks at me and goes, “Ah, Ross,” then makes a big show of looking at his watch(...)

Do you know what idealism is worth? According to the people of Dublin Bay South, it’s worth exactly 127 votes.

The old man goes, “This is not the end of New Republic!” except he says it without any real conviction, like one of those boy bands who’ve just been v(...)

“I’ve always regarded business as being rather like the rugby scrum – there are unsavoury things that happen in there that we should all just turn a blind eye to in the knowledge that they are probably for the common good.”

The latest opinion poll suggests that my old man is now the most popular porty leader in the country, while New Republic are on course to win up to 2(...)