For all of Martinez’s hand-wringing about giving young players their chance, of transfer market prudence, of progress, the stark facts were as bald as Vinny’s dome. Under the reign of Roberto, Everton were rooted in the bottom half of the table

The talk over a greasy brekkie in The Old Lantern pub in Kilburn on Sunday morning was of revolution. The Everton bastille, in the uneasy command of (...)

Everton flags  outside Goodison Park in Liverpool.  It was time for Vinny to show solidarity with his boys in blue. Photograph: Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

The sense of agitation in the canteen of Clontarf bus garage on Tuesday morning was palpable, and it was making Vinny Fitzpatrick feel twitchy. Driver(...)

K for Jackie stood back and pointed to a screen overhead. “Perhaps you can explain what are we all doing in the wrong terminal?”Photograph: David Sleator

The incoming Chicago flight on Saturday morning was ahead of schedule, which was fine as Vinny Fitzpatrick had allowed for jet stream assistance at 37(...)

Ger Fox celebrates on Rogue Angel after winning the Boylesports Irish Grand National Chase at the Easter Festival at Fairyhouse.  Photograph: PA Wire

The invite was half-expected by Vinny Fitzpatrick. His presence was requested at Ashbourne on Easter Monday for a re-enactment of the attack on the RI(...)

“I’m like Kojak,” grinned Vinny as he looked in the mirror as he went to pay his bill. “Who loves ya, baby?” he said, popping a complimentary lollypop on offer into his mouth and reaching for his shades.  Photograph: Photoshot/Getty Images

In the week of renewal, Vinny Fitzpatrick signed up for his own overdue restoration. There was little he could do to affect the slabs of fat on his mi(...)

There was only one way Vinny’s happy lot could be improved, and that was by way of a bountiful Cheltenham. Photograph: Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images

Vinny Fitzpatrick had never bought the karma angle that good turns deserved another. In was in his nature to say please and thank you, to hold doors o(...)

Like many of his colleagues, Vinny was aghast at the strong-arm tactics of the Dublin Bus hierarchy in banning the use of radios in the drivers’ cabins. Photograph: Alan Betson

The playlist had been chosen with deliberation, for Vinny Fitzpatrick was keen to get his message across to the faceless suits who ran Dublin Bus thes(...)

All was still on the Montlake Cut, the most famous stretch of rowing water in Seattle, when Vinny Fitzpatrick arrived at dawn on Monday morning. Hi(...)

Of all the inconsequential roles Vinny Fitzpatrick performed in his long association with Dollymount Gaels, filling in as umpire on a morning so blowy(...)

‘Vinny had always taken comfort in Mother Nature’s whims, and the way her moods affected the seas, skies, and soil.’ Photograph: Alan Betson

A chill easterly wind was whipping white flecks off Dublin Bay, splinters of hail stung like shrapnel, and the Clontarf promenade was deserted. Sitti(...)