My family are tucking merrily into the free cheese and wine buffet and taking turns getting their picture taken in front of a sign on a table that says “Reserved for Pamela Anderson” Photograph:  Isa Foltin/Getty Images

(...) Public Displays of Emotion by Róisín Ingle is now available to buy from (...)

In another life I could see myself here, my head filling up with interesting facts and ideas, my admiration growing for the likes of Doyle and his ability to quote whole passages from the constitution

(...) the 23rd to the 29th of November @collegeaware Public Displays of Emotion by Róisín(...)

Tiger on Halloween Saturday  was stocked with Santas and Christmas doodahs. Even my children were perplexed and, I couldn’t help notice, a little bit irritated

Years ago I lived with a woman in a flatmate situation. I thought it was going to be loads of fun. I thought we’d call each other “roomies” and bra(...)

(...) with Róisín Ingle on Friday, November 6th to celebrate the launch of her book Public Displays of(...)

Photograph: Aidan Crawley

(...) Róisín Ingle’s book Public Displays of Emotion is available at irishtimes(...)

 Donal Skehan: “What really struck a chord with me is the importance of creating long-term positive habits and routines, which is something I had struggled with before”

The Irish Times/Potentialife Be Your Best programme has come to an end after nine months. Potentialife saw a diverse group of Irish Times readers and (...)

I had decided driving was not going to be one of the things I’d win at in life.

It’s such a long time since I did any “tests” or “exams” that I got a serious buzz out of passing the (yes, I know it’s multichoice) test for my pr(...)

Countess Constance Markievicz as a captain in the Irish Citizen Army.

(...) Róisín’s book Public Displays of Emotion is available at irishtimesbooks for(...)

Last week, I mentioned my brother, aka Somatic Sibling, was over on his annual Dublin stopover. His work takes him across the world but once a year(...)

(...). Róisín will be signing copies of her new book ‘Public Displays of Emotion’ at Dubray Books on Grafton(...)