To be honest with you, I feel extremely disinclined to provide an update on my holiday, but a vague deal with readers is still (vaguely) a deal. To re(...)

(...) each writer taking a different mode of transport. Róisín Ingle completed the first leg, cycling from(...)

At the Witnness Festival in Fairyhouse racecourse, Co Meath in 2000, ‘festival virgins spent their time sampling every delight possible’

(...) in Fairyhouse racecourse, and Róisín Ingle was there to bear, well, Witnness. Fairyhouse had never(...)

‘The past beats inside me like a second heart.” I come across this quote when searching online for the sea. The quote comes from The Sea by John Banvi(...)

Craving a wee holiday before our actual holiday (six days to go, not that I’m counting) we hightailed it to Portadown for the weekend. This particu(...)

Are you on holidays reading this? I hate you. Oh, not really, I’m sure you’re great. Don’t mind me. It’s not like I am sitting here in Irish Times (...)

(...) finally reinventing myself and coming face to face with the Real Róisín. It had just taken a little longer(...)

Hundreds of attendees stand in silence during a candlelight vigil for the victims of the Berkeley balcony collapse in Berkeley, California last month. Photograph: Reuters

Last week I got an email from a young Irish man about grief. This young man’s father died a few years ago. He also lost a friend last year, another(...)

“He has no clue – even though I made it clear very early on in our relationship that whistling was a deal breaker, that whistling was my kryptonite”

Me nerves. Me absolute and total nerves. I live with a whistler. Do you know what I mean? Perhaps you also share living space with a whistler? Do y(...)

I’ve made it this far in life without getting a verruca and, while I’m still battling certain “issues” and there’s lots done but more to do, I’m tr(...)