Quay Street, Galway: How is it possible to move from the Shangri-La represented by the lively streets in Galway, to taking your own life only a matter of minutes away? Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

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Laura Dillon, born in London into a family which held the baronetcy of Lismullen in Co Meath had, by the end of 1949, completed a series of surgical procedures to make her a man.

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Try not to take the past too seriously. It might not have happened that way and it might not be the explanation for everything you feel today. Photograph: Thinkstock

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Whole swathes of middle class and professional people have been wiped out financially since 2008 but they won’t talk about it so we catch only glimpses of it. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

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The 1916 story shows us that men and women who can make astonishing things happen can also vary astonishingly in their own personal characteristics. Photograph: Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

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Why should the alcohol industry be allowed to promote alcohol as though it is a risk-free gateway to good cheer, good fellowship, sporting achievement and general life fulfilment and nothing else?

(...) some people, including some good, decent people, it will be a case of “tomorrow you die”. Padraig O’Morain(...)

The teenager who has learned to do nothing  might be more adapted to the future of our society. Photograph: Getty

(...) “I wish I had learned to do nothing” will become one of the top regrets of the dying. Padraig O’Morain(...)

Dutch psychologist Ad Vingerhoets says that in the UK, studies show that most men are comfortable with showing their emotions and that the Victorian disapproval of tears no longer holds sway.

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Millions of people around the world are   uncomfortable due to their own uncertainty and embarrassment. Photograph: Thinkstock

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At this very moment, lots of people in the world who are not all that different from you, who live ordinary lives, are very happy at some good news they’ve got.

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