‘There are ways in which I feel less Irish too: for one thing, I get excited about the prospect of rain.’ Photograph: Eric Luke

It’s been almost two years since we left Ireland for nine months in Australia. Those nine months stretched into a year, and then, just as we were d(...)

Addyi: women should be wary of swallowing this vision of equality wrapped up in a little pink pill. Photograph: Thinkstock

The name Addyi probably doesn’t mean much to you. Likewise flibanserin. But take note, because you are about to become very familiar with them both. E(...)

A Traveller family from Limerick participating in a Travellers’ rights protest in Dublin in 2009. Photograph: Alan Betson

Aren’t we a great little nation, all the same? Hasn’t it been nice to spend the last few weeks basking in the glow of the world’s approval? Better (...)

Danielle Meitiv, who has been cleared of one charge of neglect, and her son, Rafi (10). Photograph: Sammy Dallal/Washington Post via Getty Images

On paper, Danielle and Alexander Meitiv, a climate science consultant and a physicist based in Washington DC, don’t seem the most likely candidates(...)

‘Algorithms may be good at crunching numbers and putting them in some kind of context, but journalists are good at asking annoying questions.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

Here’s a question to test your knowledge of Leaving Cert English: who wrote the following poem?   Sing sweetly of battle-borne ages, (...)

Delicious diet: ‘Dinner will be a full-blooded, creamy shepherd’s pie.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

I’m on a diet. I’ve just polished off a piece of a carrot cake and a (non-fat) latte. Lunch will be a poached egg and toast, and dinner will be a full(...)

Dave Goldberg: he changed nappies, did laundry and spent time with his wife and children every day. Photograph: Johannes Simon/Getty Images

Dave Goldberg, a 47-year-old tech entrepreneur, chief executive of the online polling firm Survey Monkey and a father of two, died suddenly on May (...)

A married couple from Brooklyn advocating for marriage equality outside the US supreme court. Photograph: Johnny Bivera/AFP/Getty Images

The latest salvo in the debate over marriage equality in the US is nothing if not inventive. A brief filed by a group of 100 lawyers and university(...)

Lululemon’s clothing has become, in certain circles, more sought-after than Chanel. Photograph: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

I’m in Starbucks, looking at a perfectly formed bottom. I don’t mean to look, but it’s right there in front of me, pert and peachy in black Lycra t(...)

‘Eamonn Lillis’s crime was horrific, and there is a genuine public interest in the subject of his release after a sentence of just five years and two months.’ Above, Lillis leaving Wheatfield Prison. Photograph: Colin Keegan/Collins

If you’ve been paying any attention to the Irish media over the past couple of weeks, you’ll have learned a lot about what middle-aged men get up to a(...)