The exceptional sales in the year-ago quarter was because of pent-up demand for large-screen iPhones. Photograph:  Vincent Jannink/EPA

On Tuesday, Apple released its quarterly results. For the first time in 13 years it announced a decline in revenue and profits. And not just a slight (...)

Master Xianfan looks at robot monk Xian’er as he demonstrates the robot’s conversation function during a photo opportunity in Longquan Buddhist temple on the outskirts of Beijing recently. Photograph: Kim Kyung-Hoon/Reuters

A month ago the world met Tay, an alien intelligence come to walk among us and learn about life on Earth as it interacted with humans. Within 15 hours(...)

Antitrust?: the Android home screen gives too much advantage to Google apps, according to the European Union

The European Commission has not been shirking from battles with multinational behemoths of late. This week it picked another fight, this time charging(...)

System creators developed an algorithm to randomly allocate three-word combinations for every 3m square piece of the planet, down to a very high resolution

From ancient Babylon to Ptolemy, from Mercator to Google Maps, the process of mapping the world has represented one of the greatest technological achi(...)

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: slow-motion punches, crunching headbutts and bone-snapping kicks

On a side street in Temple Bar is a mural of Conor McGregor that reads “Long Live the King”. McGregor has a UFC belt draped over one shoulder. In his (...)

 Dungannon woman Michaella McCollum in Prison in Peru: Michaella’s First Interview

RTÉ’s interview with Michaella McCollum on Sunday raised more interesting questions than it actually asked. There was a lot of interest in her story(...)

The story of Apple and Steve Jobs functions as a convenient narrative shorthand for the wider understanding of the history of modern technology. That narrative is an important one, of course, but it is misleading in many crucial ways.

Apple has turned 40. There’s something incongruous about the landmark, as if technology companies are not, really, supposed to reach middle age. That(...)

Novak Djokovic: talked himself into a world of pain.  Photograph: Daniel Murphy/EPA

Tennis has been enduring quite the annus horribilis: allegations of match fixing were followed by Maria Sharapova’s positive drug test. Suddenly the e(...)

Shellshocked: Lee Sedol reviews the match after losing the Google DeepMind Challenge series 4-1

Perhaps not since Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon has one person been so vested with the responsibility of representing all of humanity. But inste(...)

Concerns over concentrated media ownership will be nothing compared to the anxiety over the power wielded by Zuckerberg and Facebook. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

For political addicts in the western world, recent elections have offered more twists than this year’s Premier League. We have just had an electoral(...)