Jules McDermott and Leon McDowell at the launch of the first Bubble Day fundraiser

How often do you think about the air you breathe? If it is not causing you problems, then it probably doesn’t cross your mind. But if you have asthma (...)

“The competition is a way in which we want to teach young children about the importance of clinical research, and get them to understand what a clinical trial is and the processes that are involved.”

Can listening to music at lunch time help to reduce stress at exam time? Does doing 20 jumping jacks every day at school result in increased fitness? (...)

Who are you calling common? Above, the viviparous lizard. Photograph: Kieran Flood

Legend has it that St Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland, but we still have a few reptiles hanging about in the wild, and a nationwide survey wa(...)

Two of the 50 or so makers showing their creations at Dublin Maker last year were just nine years old, including Ciara Whelan, above, who made a smart dollhouse

Fancy unleashing your creative side? Then answer the call for Dublin Maker this July. The event will bring together assorted makers to build, hack an(...)

Researchers collect plant material containing endophytes

‘Tell me the company you keep and I will tell you what you are.” The musings of Sancho in Don Quixote might have been penned hundreds of years ago, b(...)

It is hoped that the online approach will make it easier for people to be honest about what they eat. Photograph: Thinkstock

What did you eat yesterday? Filling in the answers online could help researchers to figure out what Ireland is eating. The FoodBook24 project is te(...)

Some urban bird species are in decline, most notably the swift, which migrates and typically returns to the same site over and over. Photograph: Artur Tabor

Unless you are a keen ornithologist, you probably don’t notice the feathered inhabitants of towns, villages and cities. Yet urban spaces offer plenty(...)

Dan Kastner started his detective work on the immune system when he encountered a patient  who had familial Mediterranean fever, a rare inherited immune disorder.

Our immune system is there to protect us, but if its signalling systems go awry it can cause disease, particularly when inflammation damages our own t(...)

Fresh eyes can offer new perspectives and innovations

Why do you do things a particular way? Is it because you have always done them that way? Fresh eyes can offer new perspectives and innovations, and t(...)

Keep on clucking in the free world: Second Livestock by Austin Stewart, a “really far-out project” that explores how chickens might plug into virtual reality to make them feel as if they are free range

Would you tuck into a lab-grown burger? How can sensors and bugs help us grow crops more effectively? And could chickens do with some virtual reality(...)