Drosophila: an accomplished dancer. Photograph: Getty Images

With his moonwalk, Michael Jackson made it look easy to glide backwards across the stage. But walking backwards (whether to look good on the da(...)

Tian Tian: urine trouble. Photograph: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Panda cubs are exceptionally cute, but in Edinburgh, increasing the chances of two giant panda parents reproducing is no mean feat. Edinb(...)

The ‘Technology’ design, with electroluminescent wire and patches across the torso

Fancy helping Nasa to design a new spacesuit cover? The space agency hopes to have a fully built Z-2 suit later this year, which will be put throug(...)

A new study has challenged the thinking that we can distinguish between about 10,000 distinct odours, and its findings knock that figure out of(...)

A quick method to generate stem cells in the lab that caused a big splash earlier this year is not looking so hot after all. In January, resear(...)

Elephants can identify potentially threatening humans by their voices, it seems. A new study from the University of Sussex worked with f(...)

An initiative is “walking the lives” of people with dementia to assess their needs and to increase public awareness of how to support people in the co(...)

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