Microsoft is celebrating 30 years in Ireland. Photograph: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

Microsoft has unveiled its plans for a new €134 million campus-style location in Dublin, bringing its 1,200-strong workforce under one roof.The intent(...)

The home of the future will be full of connected appliances, allowing for increasing automation of everything from heating to entertainment

Picture the scene: as you make your way home, laden down with shopping for the evening meal, your house senses your approach, turns on the lights and (...)

€100 At E3 last year, Sony unveiled the latest in the PlayStation line-up – the PlayStation TV microconsole. For just €100, the device lets you(...)

It seems as if everyone has a drone these days. Footage from quadcopters is popping up everywhere, and if you want to get in on the act the Parrot (...)

The Beam projector is controlled by an app on your Android or Apple phone or tablet and  lets you take advantage of the apps for the system

Take a look at the Beam. It looks a bit like an overly teched-up light bulb, but it’s actually a smart projector, one that turns any flat surface i(...)

Overkill 3 isn’t going for any accolades for complicated storylines. It follows a very simple process: fire, cover, reload, repeat. In fact, the co(...)

Dublin-based digital publisher StoryToys has scooped a prestigious award for an app it created based on the work of author Eric Carle. The company, wh(...)

Digital music: mainstream for some time

Digital music has been mainstream for some time, with download services such as iTunes putting the music format into the hands of even the most staunc(...)

 Enterprise Ireland named Jobbio as one of their high-potential start-ups and provided part of the €1m funding. Photograph: Frank Miller

Online jobs marketplace Jobbio is planning to ramp up its international expansion in the wake of a €1 million funding round. The company, established(...)

When it comes to budget notebooks, the Chromebook has generally punched above its weight. The device is designed to be used online,so that means plent(...)