Bill Malone seen with camera equipment  on Koh Phi Phi in Thailand three months after the tsunami hit.

(...) places. It had all been developed so much. Things move on I guess, which is good to see. Brian Ingle(...)

Another life: Brian O’Connell. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

(...)’t man up but do open up. This is an edited extract from an address Brian O’Connell made to this year(...)

Refugees: a young girl walks through the tent settlement in Bekaa. Photograph: Naoise Culhane 2:48

(...) are much worse than before. There’s very little hope.” Brian O’Connell(...)

A Lahinch Surf Experience van is submerged in several feet of water at the promenade in Lahinch, Co Clare. Photograph: Press 22

For 39-year-old surfing instructor Dexter McCullough, the new year should have marked the exciting start to a new business venture. Then nature interv(...)

Home comforts

Food operators One of the things emigrants often miss most about home are our culinary delights which hold a special place in Irish culture, from(...)

Karen McDonnell (left) in France,

Christmas with servantsKaren McDonnellAt the age of 15, I found myself at the very centre of haute-bourgeois French Christmas celebrations. I was on m(...)