The late Ian Paisley with former taoiseach Bertie Ahern and the carbine musket (circa 1685) that Dr Paisley presented to him. Photograph: David Sleator

A gun famously presented to Bertie Ahern by the Rev Ian Paisley during a ceremony on the site of the Battle of the Boyne was a loan and not a gift, (...)

Ballyturk, playwright Enda Walsh’s latest collaboration with actors Cillian Murphy (above), Mikel Murfi and Stephen Rea, has been sold out for weeks. Photograph: Cyril Byrne 2:30

Acrobatics as a flight of fantasy and mythology as a map of the human psyche are themes of this year’s Galway International Arts Festival which open(...)

Neanderthal man who lived from about 120,000 years ago to 30,000 years ago. Photograph: Tom McHugh/Field Museum, Chicago/Science photo Library

International experts on our much misunderstood and somewhat maligned ancestor, the Neanderthal, gather in NUI Galway today– the campus where the term(...)

Trainer Jim Culloty: Hoping for dual success with Lord Windermere and Vaxalco totay. Photo: Lorraine O’Sullivan/Inpho

Trainer Jim Culloty and owner Dr Ronan Lambe face a hectic ten minutes come 3.00 today with Lord Windermere a major fancy to give Ireland a first Henn(...)

 Portadown District Loyal Orange Lodge  No 1 parade  to Drumcree Parish Church in recent days. Photogrraph: Julien Behal/PA Wire

The “Twelfth” of July is the most important date in the Orange Order calendar and marks the anniversary of the Protestant King William’s victory at th(...)

The Orange Order parades along Drumcree road outside Portadown Co Armagh. Photograph: : Julien Behal/PA Wire

The Orange Order has stated that protests will be staged “over the coming period” against the decision by the North’s Parades Commission to ban three (...)