There is a popular tendency to 
demonise fast food and sugary drinks as the major contributors to

The simple thermodynamic conclusion that weight gain, leading to obesity, results from consistently ingesting more food calories than are burned off i(...)

Spaghetti Bolognese is a meal lacking in fibre, but high in saturated fat and refined carbohydrate. Photograph: Getty Images

Safe Food Ireland (SFI) launched its campaign against childhood obesity, with billboards urging parents to reduce portion size. But blaming parents dr(...)

The agriculture and food sector is the most important indigenous industry and it is presently enjoying the highest growth rate of all the industries (...)

The conventional explanation of obesity (the thermodynamic hypothesis) is the intake of more food calories than are burned off, with storage of the ex(...)

Last week, a conference run by Safefood heard about a mother in inner-city Dublin who fed her baby pureed McDonald’s. If you didn’t know better, you m(...)

Fast-food and soft drinks account for “a minority” of calories we consume but we focus on those items while ignoring foods such as potatoes, chicke(...)

A child at a March Against Monsanto in Los Angeles, California, last week. Photograph: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

Foods derived from genetically modified (GM) crops are not available for human consumption in large parts of the world, including Europe, because of h(...)