Itai Dzamara in a protest against Robert Mugabe’s government last autumn. He was abducted on March 9th and has not been since since.

Zimbabwe’s security forces did not take long to conclude that Itai Dzamara’s civil disobedience campaign was a threat to president Robert Mugabe’s gov(...)

Movement For Democtratic Change (president Morgan Tsvangirai at his house in Harare last Saturday. He will not attend the inauguration of Robert Mugabe as president of Zimbabew. Photograph: AP

Zimbabwe’s long-standing leader, Robert Mugabe, will once again be inaugurated as the country’s president today, after two legal challenges by the mai(...)

Voters line up to caste their ballots in Zimbabwe’s election in the Mbare area of Harare. Photograph: Pete Muller/The New York Times

Prime minster Morgan Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) today said there had been “monumental fraud” in Zimbabwe’s election.Mr Tsvangir(...)

Heavily armed riot police deployed in potential election flashpoints in Zimbabwe today on the eve of a showdown between president Robert Mugabe and p(...)