A school worker takes the temperature of a boy before school starts in Paynesville, Liberia. Photograph: James Giahyue/Reuters

A teenage boy has died of Ebola in Liberia, the first fatality since July in one of the three West African countries hit hardest by the worst-ever out(...)

An occupancy rate of 95% for Irish acute hospitals is much higher than in the US and UK. Photograph: Thinkstcok

What can be done about the huge demand for acute hospital services? The clue is in the name. General practitioners need to stop referring people who d(...)

There is evidence that exposing infants to a wide range of tastes at an early stage will lead to healthier eating later in life. Photograph: Thinkstock

‘Is this one of the worst wrong turns in the history of parenting advice?” was the rather dramatic introductory sentence in a New Scientist article la(...)

A photograph   of the graves of Ebola victims in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Failings by the World Health Organisation (WHO) played a key role in the Ebola disaster, according to new report. Photograph: Simon Davis/DFID/PA Wire.

Failings by the World Health Organisation (WHO) played key role in the Ebola disaster, according to new report. An independent panel of 20 experts, le(...)

Address the issues contributing to burnout before it becomes overwhelming. Photograph: Thinkstock

Meet Cathy. Cathy is a 40-something highly successful sales executive in a medium-sized Irish company. Her friends would describe her as enthusiast(...)

A  woman wearing a mask is reflected in a glass panel on a smoggy day in Beijing on Wednesday.  Beijing’s environmental protection bureau warned of poor air quality that could continue in the coming days. Photograph: How Hwee Young/EPA

China has issued 155 coal-fired power plants, generally blamed as one of the chief reasons for the country’s dire pollution problems, environmental pe(...)

Gardasil vaccination: more than 644,000 girls in Ireland have been inoculated. Photograph: Joe Raedle/Getty

The benefits and side effects of the vaccine for the human papilloma virus are back in the news this week because of a High Court case taken by a memb(...)

EU agriculture commissioner Phil Hogan believes the recent WHO report on meat links to cancer was “misinterpreted”. File photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times.

A controversial report putting various meat products in the same category of cancer risk as tobacco and asbestos will not impact on Irish exports, EU (...)

Biogas potentially available from all the human waste in the world would be the equivalent of up to $9.5 billion (€8.67 billion) worth of natural gas a year and could produce electricity for as many as 138 million homes, the UN Institute for Water, Environment and Health said in a study. File  photograph: Vincent Mundy/Bloomberg

Biogas from human waste has the potential to generate electricity for millions of homes while improving health and protecting the environment, a Unite(...)

Misleading labelling: low-fat products usually contain high amounts of sugar and low-sugar products are often full of fats and calories. Photograph: Thinkstock

I recently wrote a piece about breastfeeding (Breast is best but not for Irish babies, August 25th, 2015). Several women wrote for advice abou(...)