Gateway on the edge: (left to right) David Shackleton, Hitesh Tewari and Karl Reid of CipherApps, an encryption solution to protect your cloud data

“It’s a problem that a lot of people have tried to solve,” says CipherApps co-founder Hitesh Tewari, “but it’s a difficult nut to crack.” Sitting in f(...)

Gotcha Ninjas founders Tony Riley and Fionnuala Healy with characters from their games- and cloud-based social learning platform. “Basically our platform has these ninjas who catch kids being good,” says Riley.

Having spent over two decades as a teacher in New Zealand, the UK and Ireland, working with kids who “have, or supposedly have, behavioural problems”,(...)

Timing has been on Glass Robot’s side thus far. Three days after graduating with computer science degrees from DIT, the four members of the mob(...)