Dinner time: a peregrine with its prey. Illustration: Michael Viney

The wind above the cliffs of Dubhoileán Mór was dishevelling even for a peregrine, tugging so fiercely at the thatch of his wings that the usual trim (...)

Climate-change science has come under attack from fossil-fuel lobbyists. Above, heat waves distort a photograph of a flight taking off in Virginia. June 2014 was the hottest June on record in the US since data collection began in 1880. Photograph: Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA

The recent news that two “ground- breaking” papers on stem-cell research by Japanese scientists have been retracted by the prestigious science jour(...)

Patrick Lafcadio Hearn with Koizumi Setsu. The garden project will commemorate the writer, who spent his boyhood summers in Tramore.

The Japanese ambassador to Ireland has formally begun work on a new garden which will honour Patrick Lafcadio Hearn “the most well-known Irishman in (...)

There are good job prospects for graduates in this ever-changing industry: A UCD chemical engineering student, above.

The first engineers invented the wheel. Today, engineers continue to bring scientific ideas to life, inventing and maintaining the variety of products(...)

How do we feed the world’s growing population of billions in a safe and sustainable way? Agricultural science has been vital for the continued existen(...)

Chris Healy at  the UL Graduate Medical School in the clinical/anatomical Skills Education Centre

Maybe you’ve wanted to be a doctor, nurse or dentist since you were little. Maybe you made up potions in your make-believe pharmacy. Or it’s an area y(...)

Raymond Friel, head of School of Law at the University of Limerick pictured during a demonstration of the new UL courtroom. Photograph: Don Moloney/Press 22

The legal profession dipped slightly in the immediate aftermath of the property bubble bursting, as demand for conveyancing dried up. It is still, ho(...)

Just the business: UCD business students in the data analytics lab of the school of business,

Business offers a hugely diverse range of courses and career paths in virtually every industry. It is a good career path for students interested in th(...)

Cormac O’ Raifeartaigh: I felt much of the paper resembled a daunting test in puzzle-solving, with a heavy emphasis on geometry.

Ronald Reagan was in the White House when I did my Leaving Cert, but I remember the maths exam clearly. It took the lion’s share of my study time, bu(...)

Not many people realise that GPS relies heavily on Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Photograph: AP Photo/File

‘You must be nearly finished for the year?” Every academic encounters this question/accusation each year from the month of May onwards. It never fa(...)