Westlink Toll Bridge: Following a protracted eight-year legal battle, involving three separate appeals, National Toll Roads’ view that it had been overcharged on its rates was eventually vindicated. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

National Toll Roads (NTR) has received a multi-million euro refund from the taxpayer after successfully appealing a 2005 valuation of its M50 West-(...)

Many sports clubs in the Dublin City Council area, whose clubhouses have bars, face rises in their rates

Rates on rugby, GAA and many other sports clubhouses in the Dublin City Council area may rise by 50 to 100 per cent next year, according to valuer Bri(...)

PROPERTY views from Samuel Beckett Bridge Wednesday 17 February 2010 Detail of Samuel Beckett Bridge and views from Samuel Beckett Bridge of apartment blocks, to the south (both towards the city and towards the mouth of Dublin port)Photograph: Bryan O'Brien

Ratepayers in third-generation Dublin office blocks built in or after the 1980s face a huge rise in rates next year, with those for “big glass boxe(...)