Cornelia Parker’s installation War Room in the Whitworth Gallery in the University of Manchester

Think of a university gallery of contemporary art in an Irish context and the Douglas Hyde and the Lewis Glucksman Gallery come to mind. With a stu(...)

Vona Groake

The shortlist for this year’s Irish Times Poetry Now Award has been announced.The award, now in its 10th year, is presented for the best single vol(...)

Timothy (Ted) O’Leary, who died suddenly and prematurely aged 64, dedicated most of his professional life to showing that accounting is much more than(...)

Pat McDonagh: had the same trademark bob as Mary Quant, to whom she was often compared

Patricia Mary McDonagh, who has died aged 80, was a well-known British fashion designer of Irish ancestry who moved to Canada in 1966, bringing with h(...)

Vona Groarke: “Where do I see the publishing industry going? That will depend on where book buyers go, surely. To Paradise Island, I hope, with large mojitos on the house and a full-size orchestra playing the soundtrack of South Pacific interspersed with The Smiths’ greatest hits, just to keep it real”. Photograph: Ed Swinden/The Gallery Press

Vona Groarke’s latest book is X, published in February by the Gallery Press. She is also the author of five other award-winning poetry collections, in(...)

Dr Alan Duffy, observing distant galaxies with Parkes Radio Telescope, New South Wales, Australia

I grew up in Co Antrim. My parents were divorced, so in the car travelling between their houses I’d always have my face up against the glass, staring (...)

Seán Lysaght: reads the natural world. Photograph: Jan von Holleben / The Gallery Press

Seán Lysaght’s new collection, Carnival Masks (Gallery Press, €18.50), begins with Lysaght’s speciality, lyrics that ari(...)

The 40m  skeleton of an Argentinosaurus huinculensis, on display at the Museo Municipal Carmen Funes in Argentina, was digitally reconstructed to examine how the dinosaur walked and ran. Photograph: Dr Bill Sellers, the University of Manchester

A massive dinosaur has proven it can walk the walk after scientists digitally reconstructed the 40-metre long fossil, allowing it to stroll about f(...)

A 14-year-old boy has been charged in connection with a spate of sexual assaults in Britain.The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has b(...)

The fossil revealed the Nanotyrannus locked in combat with the Triceratops, a Ceratopsian dinosaur. Both show near-perfect preservation, with bones beautifully preserved and possibly a hint of rare, preserved skin.

An auctioneer’s gavel could decide the fate of one of the most controversial of the dinosaurs, just as scientists have resolved its identity crisis.Th(...)