I was born in An Spidéal, a Gaeltacht area in Co Galway. My parents, who were both born in England to Irish parents, were a bit detached from the Iri(...)

‘I’m fine. Watch me.’ He moved from the doorway one foot in front of the other, arms out at either side, eyes fixed on her. Midway across the room he (...)

A worker sorts coal on a conveyer belt at Datong mine, in China’s  Shanxi province. China’s decreased coal use has contributed to a slowing in the growth of carbon emissions this year. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

Growth in global carbon dioxide emissions is expected to slow for a second year running in 2015, in spite of economic growth, after typically rising (...)

Alex Pheby

The German judge Daniel Paul Schreber is a fascinating subject for a book. A respected legal authority and a well-known figure in Dresden society, (...)

Sombreros: Banned at the University of East Anglia lest they cause offence. Getty

Two weeks ago the student union of the University of East Anglia banned a Tex-Mex restaurant called Pedro’s from distributing sombreros during fresher(...)

A policeman  works  in heavy smog in Harbin,  northeast China. Photograph: STR/AFP/Getty Images

It’s rare to get good news coming out of China on the environmental front, but research by academics at Harvard shows Chinese carbon emissions between(...)

In front of UEA’s new Enterprise Centre (from left) James Todd of Architype; John French, CEO of Adapt Low Carbon Group; John Desmond, managing director, Cygnum Timber Frame, and John Hunt, of Enterprise Ireland

What’s billed as Britain’s “greenest” building yet is creating quite a stir at the University of East Anglia (UEA), not least because it brazenly show(...)

Where to pee, or not to pee
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  • October 9, 2014, 21:41

Interested in water charge savings? A controversial university campaign to get students urinating in the shower instead of the toilet has estimated th(...)

The 3.4 per cent fall in greenhouse gas emissions in the US in 2012 has been linked  to low natural gas prices, helped by a shale gas boom and a shift from coal, a mild winter and greater efficiency in transport. Photograph:  John Giles/PA Wire

Industrialised nations’ greenhouse gas emissions fell by 1.3 per cent in 2012, led by a US decline to the lowest in almost two decades with a s(...)

Catherine Conroy: ‘I knew that if I ran away, I’d have to take myself with me.’ Photograph: Barry Du Monde

In September I left my job and moved to Norwich to do a master’s in creative writing at the University of East Anglia. I had been working as a solicit(...)