Daithí Ó Sé:  ‘Life in Copenhagen gives you an insight into the Nordic model of social democracy.’

Last weekend, my grandfather turned 90 years young. His lifetime encompasses all of modern Irish history. Dev and Lemass. The emergency and modernisat(...)

Antony Gormley. Photograph: Eric Luke

He has the distinctly unbohemian bearing and manner of a distracted academic, complete with wire-rimmed glasses, but Antony Gormley is one of the bus(...)

Some people see increased activity in the “Christmas spirit network” of the brain when confronted with yuletide themes, according to a new study. File photograph: Jessica Kourkounis/The New York Times

Feeling merry around the holidays and getting into “the Christmas spirit” may be down to individual differences in the brain, according to a new study(...)

The Irish Times five-a-side team during 2014: back row: Greg Christodoulu, Carl O’Malley, Damian Cullen, Brian Blake, Martin Doyle, Tony Owens, Dave McKechnie, Brian Morrissey, Neil Reid and Damien Bates. Front: Shay Kenny, Fran Walsh, Emmet Malone, Laurence Mackin and Malachy Clerkin.

I once kicked a former professional football player so hard he threatened to throw up on me. It’s not a praiseworthy claim to fame, but it’s the be(...)

Foods such as milk that are high in SFA and also high in calcium don’t seem to raise harmful LDL cholesterol fractions. Photograph: Thinkstock

Saturated fat is often used as an umbrella term for different and individual saturated fatty acids. Early research suggested they all exerted similar (...)

High milk consumption does not increase the risk of heart disease and type2 diabetes “and indeed may provide benefit”, a conference on milk and nutrition was told this evening.

High milk consumption does not increase the risk of heart disease and type2 diabetes “and indeed may provide benefit”, a conference on milk and nutrit(...)

Are men being nagged to death by their wives? A research report, allegedly suggesting just that, generated lots of headlines this month. But it’s not (...)

‘Irish Times’ deputy editor Denis Staunton: “If you spend any time with the Irish abroad you will see very quickly that they know a great deal more about us than we do about them.” Photograph: Alan Betson

The Irish diaspora must not be simply exploited and should be offered more involvement in Irish affairs, the Oireachtas Committee on Foreign Affairs h(...)

Weight-bearing exercise is vital for both young and old, in order to maintain flexibility and stay mobile.

It’s common sense that increased exercise in youth and old age has its advantages. There is much evidence to suggest that increased physical activity (...)

A giant squid. A member of the research team from the Ryan Institute at NUI Galway was involved in new findings on the invertebrate.

NUI Galway has been given a philanthropic gift of over €1 million for marine, environmental and energy research. The donation, which the (...)