Apple likes to compare the 11 lithographs that make up Picasso’s 
‘The Bull
’ to the way it builds its smartphones and other devices

Apple may well be the only tech company on the planet that would dare compare itself to Picasso. In a class at the company’s internal training program(...)

A group of computer hackers work on laptop computers. Photograph: REUTERS/Jeff Christensen

Karlin Lillingtonin San Francisco Despite growing concerns about the security and hackability of software, universities are failing to te(...)

At Berkeley: a rigorous documentary
Review: At Berkeley

Anybody familiar with the work of Frederick Wiseman will know not to expect flash gimmicks or any talking-down from his documentaries. They wil(...)

President Barack Obama will nominate Janet Yellen as chairwoman of the Federal Reserve later today, administration officials said last night, ending an unusually public search to fill one of the most important economic policy-making jobs in the world. Photograph: Mary F Calvert/The New York Times

US president Barack Obama will nominate Fed number two Janet Yellen today to run the world’s most influential central bank, providing some relief to m(...)