Loretta Lynch listens to a question during her confirmation hearing before the Senate judiciary committee. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

Barack Obama’s nominee for attorney general has defended the legality of the president’s executive orders bypassing Congress to protect illegal immi(...)

Affable US vice-president Joe Biden sweet-talked wives, cooed at children and kissed daughters. “I like kids better than people,” he was heard to say. Photograph: Reuters

Joe Biden has a mouth that can sometimes land him in hot water, but the jocular US vice-president came into his own at the Senate ceremonial swearing-(...)

Republican US senator Pat Roberts cradles a baby after speaking at a Conservative Revival in Gardner, Kansas. Photograph: Dave Kaup/Reuters

Herbie Hopper is standing on a busy roadside in Wichita, Kansas, holding one end of a large yellow flag. It shows a picture of a coiled rattlesnake(...)

For more than a century there has been a ritual in the United States Senate. On or near George Washington’s birthday, which falls tomorrow (Feb(...)

A shameful day
  • US
  • April 19, 2013, 06:00

The United States Senate’s rejection this week of a modest effort to tighten gun laws represents a slap in the face not only to President Barac(...)